Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Memories of Recent Days

Memories of Recent Days

Tree in a Snow Puddle

Found on a winter cabin's morning


is an education 

all its own.

Under the tub,
in between floors, 

above high cabinets
that are often ignored, 

a creature's remains
were made plain.

It died alone
in the dark
without water
or food.

Where it came from
or how did come in?

It long had been 
in such state.
There was no smell,
no sense of immediacy.

Even the shells
of the carrion
that ate here
are long dry.

I too am a tenant.
My being rented it

from my first split
to my faded bones.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Aphorisms to 1000

Here are the next 250 daily meditations in single sentences dreamed up each day, usually with the first cup-o-joe.
"The closer I look, the farther free will recedes." ~ 751
"I am imperfect but may be wrong about that." ~ 752
"I made a tool then it remade me." ~ 753
"A fool and his ideology are not soon parted." ~ 754
"Forgiveness takes more courage than revenge." ~ 755
"A variety of experience enables doubt." ~ 756
"Letting go is required to grow." ~ 757
"Categorically my thoughts are a means to truth's end." ~ 758
"Virtual reality is simply another layer of metaphor." ~ 759
"Obedience is also a virtue of the slave mind." ~ 760

"Every direction is in itself a leap of faith." ~ 761
"Shall we compromise our dogmas or come to blows?" ~ 762
"Revenge is license to visit crime upon the criminal." ~ 763
"Cults of violence come to no good end." ~ 764
"Life and death commence being at the same time." ~ 765
"This moment can only dream of another." ~ 766
"How closely shall I follow any path?" ~ 767
"Where is the line between symbol and idol?" ~ 768
"A process is the shape of being in time." ~ 769
"If there be one demon among them, shall we kill them all?" ~ 770

"I am principally less than my context." ~ 771

"I manage my motion at right angles to my experience of it." ~ 772
"Waiting for heaven is no excuse for not replicating some part of it here." ~ 773
"Oppression is a profitable market." ~ 774
"One confuses kindness with weakness at their own peril." ~ 775
"Should I listen to fools for their occasional truth?" ~ 776
"A lack of self examination permits a self esteem larger than warranted." ~ 777
"We are also ripples in the fabric of space." ~ 778
"Eventually we will find our planet's limits." ~ 779
"The comforts of ritual came late to me." ~ 780

"Our thoughts themselves are at best occasionally chosen." ~ 781

"The destruction of innocence is not victimless." ~ 782
"Faith does not require joining a human institution." ~ 783
"When I judge the idea and not the person, both are more apt to benefit." ~ 784
"Understanding truth requires exploration of the different." ~ 785
"To an infinite cosmos, the self is as void." ~ 786
"Ideology is an answer looking for a problem." ~ 787
"Naming my emotion tends to diminish its influence." ~ 788
"The sediment of the future reveals itself gradually." ~ 789
"The meta culture of cults is not bound by any ideology." ~ 790

"Oh that I could love the unmet stranger with greater ease." ~ 791

"Not causing injustice is insufficient to the pursuit of justice's effect." ~ 792
"With death certain where in each moment shall I place my mind?" ~ 793
"Certainty is truth's neighbor." ~ 794
"Neither commodity nor service is love." ~ 795
"There is no matter or energy which the self can always identify as its own." ~ 796
"Feeling misunderstood is a tragic excuse for doing nothing." ~ 797
"Ideologues idolize ideal ideas." ~ 798
"Shared context enables the compression of meaning." ~ 799
"We rarely ask if the culture we grew in was good." ~ 800

"Our comprehension of God changes with each generation." ~ 801

"An idealized past only appears better than a feared future." ~ 802
"Meaning rarely and briefly transcends self." ~ 803
"Some cultures are not ready for democracy." ~ 804
"My understanding is bound to my sense's limits." ~ 805
"Innocence is lost whenever evil is fought." ~ 806
"There are many infinities between nothing and something." ~ 807
"For most religion is a blanket to hold while falling into oblivion." ~ 808
"Symbol and memory have entropic limits." ~ 809
"What reservoir is filled by long vacant gazes at nature in the raw?" ~ 810

"The problem with being good in a crisis is having more of them find you." ~ 811

"Does the aphorism that does not change me fail?" ~ 812
"Both absolute freedom and its inverse make for brutal lives." ~ 813
"Witness bearers should start every claim with 'My memory of my memory is...'." ~ 814
"Every party has a share of idiots." ~ 815
"I should avert others suffering before seeking self happiness." ~ 816
"Pretended competence creates space for growth." ~ 817
"Tyranny spawns in ignorance and dies in violence." ~ 818
"I am the vanity of the whirl in the wind." ~ 819
"Safety easily forgets the occasional threat." ~ 820

"Intent and awareness are in a codependent relationship." ~ 821

"News has more value than the products it is used to sell." ~ 822
"Morality is a current." ~ 823
"Defeating Hitler required socialism." ~ 824
"As news is always perspective on truth, we all become gossip mongers." ~ 825
"What matters is a limit upon will." ~ 826
"Dogmata are inconcordant beliefs striving for truth." ~ 827
"A state producing more soldiers than students endangers us all." ~ 828
"To shape a waterfall requires time." ~ 829
"If envy is as sinful as murder, it's prevention too is demanded." ~ 830
"The bully rarely thinks themselves so." ~ 831
"The technology of our adolescence follows us till death." ~ 832
"My disdain enabled my continued ignorance." ~ 833
"How can it be that there are wolves behind every tree?" ~ 834
"What is obvious to one is not necessarily so to another." ~ 835
"The less education we have, the less we tend to value it." ~ 836
"Ideologues place rulers on subjects." ~ 837
"Most fears are about the irrational and uncommon." ~ 838
"As hate is decisive to a cycle of violence, love is decisive to a cycle of peace." ~ 839
"No one book has content sufficient to prosper." ~ 840

"Shall I ever be content with my own content?" ~ 841

"When I'm greedy my generosity fails me." ~ 842
"Myths are the harmony we sing with our ancestors." ~ 843
"Threatening violence for non compliance uses terror to gain power." ~ 844
"We all occasionally lose the beauty in the moment." ~ 845
"Our minds trend to crystalize on familiar perspectives." ~ 846
"On some scales of time and space, free will does not appear." ~ 847
"We risk suffering when we even mention the taboo." ~ 848
"No process can demonstrate itself." ~ 849
"Is not custom but habit writ large?" ~ 850

"Even grace can be immoderate." ~ 851

"Fiction is when we acknowledge the delusion." ~ 852
"I am an iteration on almost every scale I am aware." ~ 853
"Liberty permits fools, but is not license to be cruel." ~ 854
"Shall we trust a moral philosopher who is not also a parent?" ~ 855
"There are many ahead of you seeking almost every dream." ~ 856
"Feminism should mean more than 'don't be a dick'." ~ 857
"The more effecient at promoting disorder a system is, the more apt it is to persist and expand." ~ 858
"Is it tragedy or comedy that most atoms will never be part of life?" ~ 859
"An authentic life quests to find the possibility boundary." ~ 860

"Unaware emotions spread as a virus." ~ 861

"I quandary to quantify the quality of quotes beyond quantity." ~ 862
"The vicious circles of imagination have no exit point but death." ~ 863
"The transition from hardass to lardass has taken many calories." ~ 864
"The eye can not see itself, only a pale, mirrored reflection of its past." ~ 865
"How often are we villain in someone else's narrative?" ~ 866
"The intentional channelling of emotion separates us from other animals." ~ 867
"Belief among many is stronger than the sum of its parts." ~ 868
"When I'm on a road to know where, there will still be flowers." ~ 869
"I am humbled to have even this moment." ~ 870

"Kindness promotes content unions." ~ 871

"Listen until the subject's last word with love in your ear." ~ 872
"We will have no morality to speak of without the survival of our species." ~ 873
"May the inertia of my belief remain challenged." ~ 874
"If you do not choose a vanity, one will be thrust upon you." ~ 875
"I am composed of a hundred trillion life forms and amongst even more stars." ~ 876
"Only in old age have I become near half the parent my children needed." ~ 877
"Be it dirt or decisions, there is only so much I can shovel in a day." ~ 878
"The walls of our reality bubbles are mostly mirrors." ~ 879
"When markets rule the unfit are condemned to lives of suffering." ~ 880

"Disruption is a tool for those who perceive to owe others
 nothing." ~ 881
"Desire is the is that seeks the ought." ~ 882
"Giving myself away engenders more joy than the alternative." ~ 883
"Focus requires ignoring." ~ 884
"I would refuse an eternity as I am." ~ 885
"War almost always starts short and ends long." ~ 886
"Meaning's manifestation morphs both." ~ 887
"I fear human brains far more than any metal tube with powder." ~ 888
"Inaction is often the most competent act." ~ 889
"Who among us would demand freedom only for those they agree with?" ~ 890

"We kill our enemies until they become human to us again." ~ 891

"I too suffer from the vanity of claiming my sins lesser." ~ 892
"We have not forgotten how to train slave minds, only our labels have changed." ~ 893
"Carpe diem? No. In die me." ~ "Seize the day?  No.  The day seized me." ~ 894
"We are what we listen to." ~ 895
"We all even measure the quality of quality differently." ~ 896
"Demagogues arise when the business of states is micromanaged by pundits." ~ 897
"We are in every respect an iteration of previous form." ~ 898
"If it is all vanity then what is time to be but wasted?" ~ 899
"Awareness appears to be derived from tensor sensors." ~ 900

"Symbols enable my mind to exist where my body can never be." ~ 901

"Did the man who rolled the world's largest ball of twine die more content than I? ~ 902
"Where is the line where my interest has more meaning than the states?" ~ 903
"We mostly pretend will for success and blame fate for failure." ~ 904
"Our boot straps and shirt sleeves only go so high." ~ 905
"In full bloom every flower thinks it's a perennial." ~ 906
"All antiheroes are cloaked in myth." ~ 907
"Our bigotry is revealed in its blindness to the suffering of the other." ~ 908
"We fail our own morality too often at the border of empathy and sympathy." ~ 909
"Knowing no other, we are all pleased with our own senses." ~ 910
"I should make no claim to the commonality of the lesson here learned." ~ 911
"Comment before coffee breaks contentment." ~ 912
"On our little lifeboat amongst the uncaring waves shall we eye each other as meat or combine our efforts to fish?" ~ 913
"Relying only on self for responsibility ends up being moral masturbation." ~ 914
"Math is another way to compress information." ~ 915
"If you are not prepared to kill them all, at some point peace must be made." ~ 916
"Fear is a stone on evil's path, tread not there." ~ 917
"Science asks our senses what is, thereby avoiding the unknowable." ~ 918
"As I expend my energy, I begin to matter." ~ 919
"Knowing no other, vanity thinks its culture and heritage superior." ~ 920
"Being the best me I can be is never the best being that is." ~ 921
"Democracy finds the average at best and the lowest common denominator at worst." ~ 922
"The fear of death and the desire for property are more often proportional in us." ~ 923
"The familiar is simultaneously my comfort and blindness." ~ 924
"Meaning is found in the moment and lost just as quickly." ~ 925
"All our leaders have become spinning cartoon balloons." ~ 926
"Unchosen bias exists unaware." ~ 927
"Novelty keeps the abyss at bay." ~ 928
"Unregulated capitalism slowly corrupts us all." ~ 929
"Working smart and  hard is insufficient to gain wealth." ~ 930
"Service is a privledge earned, not a right granted." ~ 931
"Although the way is new to me, a path looks well worn." ~ 932
"Love undone is mere feelings." ~ 933
"Ideology cannot fail; it can only be failed." ~ 934
"Both planet and species have more meaning than you." ~ 935
"Being calm is all about the e-motion in your head." ~ 936
"Manners are a cultural bond bound upon self will." ~ 937
"Occam's razor cuts truth to size." ~ 938
"The odds are that all fame is a distraction." ~ 939
"Would that no one could profit from hate." ~ 940
"Aesthetics is a category which is likely to blind as enlighten." ~ 941
"Accountability contains censorship." ~ 942
"If we are lucky we slowly fade away every day." ~ 943
"Shared useful compromise is always possible and ever preferable to war." ~ 944
"The blind love of others form the walls of my contently perceived dwelling." ~ 945
"Teammates help each other become better so others may fail." ~ 946
"Did God have the qualia of dying but once?" ~ 947
"Knowing no other way, one clings to love." ~ 948
"Manifesting myths moreoft makes mayhem." ~ 949
"Oh to be for only a moment on all scales at once, from cell to person, through planet and cosmos." ~ 950
"Follow your dreams if you are able, lucky, moral, opportune, and timely; otherwise repeat." ~ 951
"Our categories are our caves." ~ 952
"I am unable to care about everyone when I empathize with someone." ~ 953
"Religion reveals commoditizing wisdom has utility." ~ 954
"Victors illuminated declare they are the light." ~ 955
"The physical precedes the fiscal." ~ 956
"Assuming the worst in others allows me to ignore the golden rule." ~ 957  <-- Fan Favorite
"The only place where I can make change happen is now." ~ 958
"The profane erupts when I ignore the sacred." ~ 959
"I built upon an entropic mountain of cards, each limiting my options to escape chaotic collapse." ~ 960
"Battles are  ultimately won in the mind field." ~ 961
"Once I become a stranger in any land I am visitor to all lands." ~ 962
"Truth for one is never truth for all." ~ 963
"Of the two trillion thoughts we have in a life time few are unique." ~ 964
"It has become apostasy to criticize the wholly profits." ~ 965
"Most humans alive during wars did not participate." ~ 966
"Unless I invented the words and the way they are thought, I am not free." ~ 967
"Claiming being beyond the herenow is illocated pretense." ~ 968
"Belief based on desire is blind to evidence." ~ 969
"Teachers are learning's reverse engineers." ~ 970
"Externalizing thought reduces our memories." ~ 971
"Humility in failure heals me." ~ 972
"Children sweat as poor parents rarely learn wealth accumulation." ~ 973
"Tis better to be lazy in knowledge than to expend effort in ignorance." ~ 974
"Kindness cost little, while meanness can cost all." ~ 975
"There is no market for wisdom." ~ 976
"The love from a child is more fakery than the love of a grandparent." ~ 977
"Extremism in the defense of liberty destroys that which it attempts to protect." ~ 978
"I too easily take for granted what is locally common." ~ 979
"Beating the crap out of my own assumptions is still a violent vanity." ~ 980
"I can never know the full results of my own cause." ~ 981
"On occasion ritual and custom need violation." ~ 982
"There but for humility walk I." ~ 983
"If you are never unsure you are doing it wrong." ~ 984
"The hateful heart can not see itself much less another." ~ 985
"An avalanche that thinks it is the mountain falls twice." ~ 986
"The unperceived will of the other is more oft our fate." ~ 987
"Who does not engage love court's hate." ~ 988
"I was taught that to put others needs before my own is love." ~ 989
"Sparkle vainly into the void." ~ 990
"Making habit of de golden rule ain't easy or we'd all be do'in it." ~ 991
"Pursuit of fortune only delivered me into servitude." ~ 992
"If I am wrong on the existential question, then I hope you are right." ~ 993
"In as much that civilization enabled my existence, I am born with a debt to it." ~ 994
"I desire that truth eventually wins out over loyalty." ~ 995
"How does one steal a thought?" ~ 996
"Mind the gap between desire and truth." ~ 997
"Loving my neighbor as myself is not socialism." ~ 998
"Masking fault is easier than mending it." ~ 999
"The best use of breath I have ever found is to love another." ~ 1000

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Media Socialized

Media socialized.
Present's wild, wild west.
Ids' trigger fingers,
Poised over reply.
Myth believers hearded, 
Love their cowboy.
Words slung, Crap flung.
Good life fertilizer?
Or just a pile a dung?
Our Myth? Forthwith.
On sheriff should we rely?
or patricians 'tainted maid?

Thursday, July 21, 2016


 I put my head underwater in the tub 
and listen to my heart beat sometimes
to scare away the suffering
and exist in the moment of being.