Friday, March 17, 2017

Waning Poppers Decohere

I too once
suffered upon others
agonies of unwitting
reality bubble popping.

Dancing from mind
to mind poking
at the shiny
gas filled cavities
of unexamined assumption.

A tawdry skill
mastery of which
was not begun
until mosquito minded
sage Socrates burst
several of mine.

One has come
to a place
where mind can
barely build shells
of content comfort
to explore vanity.

Now my bubbles
have trouble cohering
before or after
the evanescent moments
they are thought.

Friday, March 10, 2017

250 More Daily Quotes

The project of daily created aphorisms continues!


"Rationalizing hatred dehumanizes ourselves first." ~ 1001
"Defining myself by what I am not excludes possibility." ~ 1002
"Vengeance only continues the cycle of suffering." ~ 1003
"Each of us have a similar amount of brain mass born uniquely distributed, focused by experience." ~ 1004
"Very few brides or grooms understand what 'for better or worse' really means when they proclaim it." ~ 1005
"I reject your vanity and insert my own." ~ 1006
"Suffering grows well upon the dung heap of a junk food mind." ~ 1007
"All mental states suffer from the locality of truth." ~ 1008
"Market and ideological bubbles pop freedom." ~ 1009
"Gravity is a bubble's arch enemy." ~ 1010
"Overthinking is probabilistically better than underthinking." ~ 1011
"One can not catch the infinite by counting." ~ 1012
"I am that which was to me but is to you." ~ 1013
"There is little proof that starvation will fix lazy or stupid." ~ 1014
"A good marriage pulls like a matched set of oxen." ~ 1015
"Of seven billion people only one of us can be number one." ~ 1016
"Cults are born when liars or fools proclaim to know the infinite will." ~ 1017
"I love the search for truth more than truth itself as I love the game I play more than its victory." ~ 1018
"Either our finest hour is past or yet unborn. Me? I prefer the later." ~ 1019
"'Tis better to give away love than sell it for chump change." ~ 1020
"The QWERTY keyboard is a prime example of how capitalism doesn't necessarily provide the better solution." ~ 1021
"Quarter notes are the heart beat of life, while all the other tones but fleeting thought." ~ 1022
"Truths given early are seldom abandoned as identity overrules experience." ~ 1023
"Most of us are lucky to be good at something, much less love it too." ~ 1024
"Oh my many loves that we once stepped in parallel is enough." ~ 1025
"Rarely does good will grow from electoral fertilizer." ~ 1026
"Excellence is not necessarily a property of power or wealth." ~ 1027
"Are the alms I'm a given or the arms I'm a gettin lead'n us to Armageddon?" ~ 1028
"The rich can do much more damage than the poor." ~ 1029
"Is there any plateau of knowing which is sufficient?" ~ 1030
"Freedom and happiness are meaningless in the infinity of death." ~ 1031
"The educated who do not serve waste some part of society's investment in them." ~ 1032
"Even assholes achieve their own certain kind of excellence." ~ 1033
"The zeitgeist is a real but intangible." ~ 1034
"The beauty of asymmetry is that without it we could not exist." ~ 1035
"Capitalism is when others tell you what your value is." ~ 1036
"Is it right that we would save souls and not bodies?" ~ 1037
"Gradually children come to know the influence their parents had upon them." ~ 1038
"Thought hobbies cost nothing but breath." ~ 1039
"That I eased some token of suffering is better than the alternative." ~ 1040
"We all have built in obsolescence, our telomeres are terminal." ~ 1041
"The darkness does less evil than my fear of it." ~ 1042
"I can barely grasp at my own context, much less yours." ~ 1043
"We all suffer from the limitations of our expertise." ~ 1044
"No matter how loud we yell, the vapor of our breath evaporates soon after death." ~ 1045
"Spanking fails when vengeance prevails." ~ 1046
"More time is spent reading good writing than scribing it." ~ 1047
"The academy has mostly forgotten to teach how to live a good life." ~ 1048
"Hating the other is a poor way to improve self esteem." ~ 1049
"Should one wish for blinders upon their soul?" ~ 1050
"How can the children of a lesser god think themselves greater?" ~ 1051
"People who buy homes have few unmet needs." ~ 1052
"Some experiences are so bad only perhaps death will free us from them." ~ 1053
"I rather be foolish than cruel." ~ 1054
"It is good to have friends smarter than I." ~ 1055
"The supposed invulnerability of our youth often blinds us to others frailty." ~ 1056
"Fear rationalizes killing the innocent." ~ 1057
"At a minimum I forgive because it heals me." ~ 1058
"A pruned tree of knowledge knows it's shape." ~ 1059
"In the symphony of the cosmos we here are less than a single note." ~ 1060
"Shopping for clothes is easier and less important than shopping for ideas." ~ 1061
"From the depth water rose, emergent sea; now we face our global doom, emergency." ~ 1062
"He rose a gape t'feel ya. Eros agape & philia" ~ 1063
"Do cycles of violence have a first cause?" ~ 1064
"Seeing only faults, I have closed my mind." ~ 1065
"War enables surgical wisdom." ~ 1066
"In reality it is the living who feast upon the dead." ~ 1067
"Getting no satisfaction prompts learning and growth." ~ 1068
"We are not taught what the teacher doesn't know but we can learn it for our own." ~ 1069
"It is not the idea we fear but how it is used." ~ 1070
"I'm a'museing a'using amusing." ~ 1071
"To have a conviction and live by it is harder than overthrowing anothers." ~ 1072
"Why are we surprised when Machiavelli's children gain power?" ~ 1073
"Getting by bumpy patches is only partially a taught skill." ~ 1074
"Speaking in the context of another's myth allows them to finally hear you." ~ 1075
"Politics is where we argue ideals that none of us can live up to." ~ 1076
"Topologically we are all wholly holy holey." ~ 1077
"Oh sweet agony, you shared dark muse, when will it be my turn again?" ~ 1078
"The lord's sword hangs over our neck demanding submission or forever pain." ~ 1079
"It is as hard to give constructive criticism as it is to take." ~ 1080
"A winning gloater's future judgement should not be trusted and a whining loser's future is less dark than it appears." ~ 1081
"The single sentence without gravitas will not stand alone." ~ 1082
"Memories, like an old lovers kiss, never tasting as sweet as we imagines." ~ 1083
"Truth is held at the local but ascribed to the general." ~ 1084
"Holding on to the past inevitably fails." ~ 1085
"On some occasions I try to avoid pain while in others I must master it." ~ 1086
"Sometimes the muse hits me a bong, but most times she's off trippin with her friends." ~ 1087
"That I exist even in just this moment I find sufficient for love, beauty, and truth." ~ 1088
"The sleepless can do more chores but accomplish less." ~ 1089
"The total sensory experience through a lifetime varies greatly for each of us." ~ 1090
"Awe allows us to face the abyss." ~ 1091
"From the lilly pad I croak 'breath is awesome'." ~ 1092
"Objectification of the other is necessary to enable soldiers to murder." ~ 1093
"Prisons also have high walls at their borders." ~ 1094
"Words are categorizations of states of being." ~ 1095
"From the market's viewpoint we are each one of seven billion replaceable, expendable parts." ~ 1096
"Most probably, the void is staring back at us." ~ 1097
"Confirmation bias requires constant attention to transcend." ~ 1098
"Who amongst us is the aphid and who the ant?" ~ 1099
"I can take credit for neither the hurricane or knowing of its arrival." ~ 1100
"Memories are awareness's banked accounts." ~ 1101
"The set of lie's we believe sets us a part." ~ 1102
"Should I risk all or is a bad compromise better than no compromise." ~ 1103
"Better to waste on charity than that others die because I did not help." ~ 1104
"My cause a belly is too much food while my cause a Bel'y is too much love." ~ 1105
"If someone found a way to minimize the wars, could they ever even tell us?" ~ 1106
"I am stunned by how many crabby old men my wealthy generation has created." ~ 1107
"The 'have and to hold' bit follows the 'honor and respect' part." ~ 1108
"A good life cannot simply be willed into existence." ~ 1109
"Alliteration illustrates mean meaning" ~ 1110
"Desire is a trickily pulled booger, but fate's that glue keeping it stuck to your finger." ~ 1111
"Death may well be the end of questioning my beliefs." ~ 1112
"I am so thankful that faking it can often develop into competence." ~ 1113
"Belief is of the surface of things, never the thing itself." ~ 1114
"Awe can happen when my self absorption is interrupted." ~ 1115
"We learn to speak aloud before we learn to speak in our heads." ~ 1116
"We each can think no more than 100 billion words in a lifetime." ~ 1117
"About half the time when someone says 'you are wrong' what they really mean is 'I don't understand'." ~ 1118
"Learning will only amplify that signal which you already are." ~ 1119
"Vainglory encourages ignorant opinion to be shouted." ~ 1120
"A day without art is lesser." ~ 1121
"To claim a soul is not needed to acclaim compassion." ~ 1122
"Work that allows me to mind my own mind does." ~ 1123
"With death and taxes certain, declaring war on taxes is futile until death is vanquished." ~ 1124
"A job is when you sell your self into someone else's dream." ~ 1125
"Because I did not lock my house does not mean I deserve to have my things stolen." ~ 1126
"If you could build a million consciousness's, should you?" ~ 1127
"The Hindu seeks continuity, the Muslim community, the Buddhist contentment, and the Christian simply strives." ~ 1128
"Language is bigger on the inside." ~ 1129
"On our journey we dare not stray too far from the path as to not lose one another." ~ 1130
"We are more or less what we think we are." ~ 1131
"There a scaling limit to where we might not ever play at being gods." ~ 1132
"Love is also a practical, public, muscular, masculine thing." ~ 1133
"Prior to radio, time was delivered like mail." ~ 1134
"Revolution is that nasty brutish business whereby we remake our myths." ~ 1135
"Judging another seems to start with false assumptions about myself." ~ 1136
"Debt is the shackle of modern slavery." ~ 1137
"If all the possible patterns do not exist, we are all the more special." ~ 1138
"The wealth I seek has no currency." ~ 1139
"Belief allows the unverifiable to become our truth." ~ 1140
"The rational can be infinite too." ~ 1141
"Fatigue reduces control of both emotions and decisions." ~ 1142
"A lack of manners is only a virtue in crisis." ~ 1143
"Medicine is replacing the body one part at a time." ~ 1144
"I have become the tool of my own process." ~ 1145
"Kindness requires practice letting go." ~ 1146
"Is maximizing the amount of life in the universe morally good?" ~ 1147
"Almost everyone pretends they know and too often ridicule those that don't." ~ 1148
"Without labor nothing is made." ~ 1149
"Rural, village, town, or city, the percentage of jerks seems consistent; in the city concentration makes them more visible." ~ 1150
"Live each day as if you had to repeat it over and over and infinitely again." ~ 1151
"We are all a least a little stupid too." ~ 1152
"A victory won in hatred is no victory at all." ~ 1153
"What does it say of my generation that churches have become emotional fitness clubs?" ~ 1154
"Objective reality does not care about politics, parties, or pet peeves." ~ 1155
"Expanding our horizons does not necessarily expand our options." ~ 1156
"Not all ideas that take up space are worthy of it." ~ 1157
"If one believes in free markets but not evolution they understand neither." ~ 1158
"The automated training of machines is cheaper than training humans." ~ 1159
"Choice does not exist unaware." ~ 1160
"A sentence pulls on a single strand in the warp and weave of knowledge." ~ 1161
"Where is this will that I will and why do I will it so?" ~ 1162
"People who have stared deeply at death tend to be less concerned with property rights." ~ 1163
"That you are different from me means I might learn from you." ~ 1164
"I stand on love, which makes humility and kindness almost in my grasp." ~ 1165
"Can there be any doubt that greed won the war on Christ's mass long ago?" ~ 1166
"The wise rarely seek publicity therefore are rarely heard." ~ 1167
"Can you deny sex or death and truly live?" ~ 1168
"The front door used to divide our attire and voice, now every keyboard is a public space." ~ 1169 
"Conflating a person's beliefs with a person's rights devalues both." ~ 1170
"How high can we stack the cards of humanity before its house collapses?" ~ 1171
"We grind our axes sharp then lose them for others to find." ~ 1172
"Douchebaggery, when viewed from a well marketed angle, can appear quite successful." ~ 1173
"Everyone secretly believes they are not minions too." ~ 1174
"I despise the golden rule because you, my man, are just my tool." ~ 1175
"Our sensory metaphors are always incomplete reflections." ~ 1176
"Public schooling emphasizes cohort over community." ~ 1177
"Desperation often drives me to pick the last option found." ~ 1178
"Politicians lie that we might entrust them." ~ 1179
"Must we be pro and con found at the same time?" ~ 1180
"Revenge is not justice." ~ 1181
"I shall learn this year in order to have a better resolution on truth." ~ 1182
"For nail soup to continue, additional produce and water is required." ~ 1183
"Mystic memory calls to the better angle of my natural perspective." ~ 1184
"I float on the ripples of dead people's thoughts rather than cleaning the ring around my toilet." ~ 1185
"Markets typically make better input than output streams." ~ 1186
"The luckiest old man has little left to offer but wisdom." ~ 1187
"A gun is no substitute for the golden rule." ~ 1188
"Following some dreams brings little happiness nor any success." ~ 1189
"Each of us gives our Self meaning by trying to be one thing or another." ~ 1190
"Is it better to be wickedly smart or holy foolish?" ~ 1191
"Fate more oft forces cooperation than ideology." ~ 1192
"We can no more exist without cause than we can will without meaning." ~ 1193
"Time spent being aware does not lead to better memory." ~ 1194
"What profit of joy does not cost some pain?" ~ 1195
"The fading dreams of old men and the vigourous passions of young ones are usually not very good at making a better union." ~ 1196
"A love of theater is a dramatic parenting tool." ~ 1197
"Liberty and freedom are stories of a house built on a foundation of responsibility." ~ 1198
"Words farm the sensual experience." ~ 1199
"The tree of life is bound by its blooming in the moment of being." ~ 1200
"The direction of the cosmos is not determined by humans, only its experience." ~ 1201
"Terror is a tactic, not an enemy." ~ 1202
"No one among us knows how much learning is too much learning." ~ 1203
"The range of which I can become is far less than I can imagine." ~ 1204
"Great men can at best barely belay their civilization's chase to disorder." ~ 1205
"Too soon we grow a bespoke industrial brain to slave for our leisure." ~ 1206
"War gives us peace by pieces and pieces by peace." ~ 1207
"There is an infinity to explore inside every one." ~ 1208
"The apprentices studying the tiniest of places have revealed Pandora's epic spell book." ~ 1209
"What we used to pay reporters to do, we now must do for ourselves." ~ 1210
"Emotional pain is a great and terrible muse." ~ 1211
"When the waters of myth and reality are muddy shall we dive in head first with our buoy of infallibility?" ~ 1212
"When trash talked mudslinging carries the crowd, someone is going to be ridden out on a rail." ~ 1213
"Its not that I know nothing, its that I don't know what I don't know." ~ 1214
"One can dye their hair, but the grey never goes away." ~ 1215
"No one remembers Caesar's nurse maid, yet without her he would not have been." ~ 1216
"We wallpaper our vanities like a rented bathroom." ~ 1217
"It's the little life in things which makes the big life possible." ~ 1218
"The right to vote requires no knowledge, but a good vote requires wisdom." ~ 1219
"My ability to argue someone else's viewpoint directly relates to my ability to see my own bullshit." ~ 1220
"By default we choose to continue to exist." ~ 1221
"An uncontrolled appetite eats away at my will." ~ 1222
"Permit me the freedom to say, a cracked bell is still worthy of display." ~ 1223
"If you can not advocate like the devil, you will not know his minions voices." ~ 1224
"When the wisest among us get angry we all lean closer to the abyss." ~ 1225
"Conformity is too often the enemy of the authentic." ~ 1226
"The lucky are more apt to proclaim their skill." ~ 1227
"How much different would the world be if Einstein had grown up in a cult?" ~ 1228
"We seem to fear being the first to use the golden ruler." ~ 1229
"The reason we tar and feather the snake oil salesmen is the harm they do to the foolish among us." ~ 1230
"If tomorrow I were to die, what wealth today would I acquire?" ~ 1231
"A penile colony certainly was Harly Quinn's briar patch." ~ 1232
"Unless taught otherwise we easily confuse emotion for reason." ~ 1233
"The older I get the more time I spend unlearning." ~ 1234
"The beauty of ripening also contains the seed of decay." ~ 1235
"Affluent effluent still stinks." ~ 1236
"Being before words was undescribed." ~ 1237
"None of us are the first or ultimate cause." ~ 1238
"I am a meat marionette to sufferings muse." ~ 1239
"Every sleep is death's rehearsal." ~ 1240
"Certainty permits us to stop seeking truth." ~ 1241
"The boxes in the basement and the boxes in my memory share more in common than I care to admit." ~ 1242
"Incompetent amateurs may agree with me, but are still unprofessional and inept." ~ 1243
"At the heart of being human is an overdeveloped sense of significance." ~ 1244
"The self absorbed consume the life of others." ~ 1245
"Our paths both narrow and expand with each choice." ~ 1246
"Beauty unattainable makes the quest for it become all." ~ 1247
"As the blind should not drive cars, the loveless should not have guns." ~ 1248
"Corruption comes to those who look to businessmen for virtue." ~ 1249
"Who is to say if a high velocity life is better than a still stable one?" ~ 1250