Friday, September 26, 2014

500 Single Sentence Studies

The series of single sentence summarized studies has been steadily sustained.

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"When I pay too close attention to boundaries I fail to see what is."  ~366
"Should people suffer or die because they can not afford treatment?" ~367
"Beauty does not require uniformity." ~ 368
"Does the newborn begin with a debt to it's society?" ~ 369
"When a light shines upon our strengths, it profiles weakness in our shadows." ~ 370

"How do I stop my motivations from skewing my view of reality?" ~ 371
"When someone wishes to stand upon on your shoulders, should you take pride in being a giant or dismiss those whom can not raise you up?" ~372
"Does consciousness require categorization?" ~ 373
"My limited time on earth is so dear a commodity how can I ever say money is it's measure?" ~ 374
"A wise man spends his adult life unlearning his childhood" ~ 375
"Does love require suspension of the law?" ~376
"Without empathy morality is brutal." ~ 377
"Humility in ignorance eases learning." ~ 378
"Everyone is occasionally not delusional." ~ 379
"When I am not present in the moment, I am absent in reality." ~ 380

"If a chicken is a way for an egg to make another egg, then my daughter and mother need a serious conversation." ~ 381
"When I stop changing, my existence ceased." ~ 382
"Any business that is unable to pay its workers a living wage is not viable." ~383
"The problem is not what is yet unproven but what is proven and ignored." ~384
"People with holy books tend to ignore some part of it." ~ 385
"The pain and uselessness of old age is scarier than dying." ~ 386
"Unrestrained passions most often end in pain." ~ 387
"In physics and habits overcoming inertia requires significant force." ~ 388
"True humility needs no sharing" ~ 389
"Bias is a well tied blindfold." ~ 390

"We forget more easily long words than short ones." ~391
"Fear is a foolish counselor." ~392
"The unobserved life cannot be lived." ~ 393
"Observing my own actions, it is easy to remain humble." ~ 394
"A well held grudge binds me." ~ 395
"There is no pride in our enemies pain." ~ 396
"Thinking without rhetoric is like sports without rules." ~ 397
"I act more by habit than choice." ~ 398
"Should my version of God be made law? Or only yours?" ~ 399
"Bias generates moral conflict." ~ 400

"Should I love the unmet?" ~ 401
"Moral utility resists quantification." ~ 402
"Emotions persist only with focus." ~403
"All struggles eventually end in death." ~ 404
"Admitting ignorance requires more courage than pretending knowledge." ~ 405
"Should fear ever replace respect?" ~ 406
"Anger could be the engine but never the steering." ~ 407
"Self reliance is only the beginning of citizenship." ~ 408
"Division sells soap and garners political donations." ~ 409
"Certainty closes the mind to the unknown." ~ 410

"All opinion uses incomplete information." ~ 411
"Patiently suffering a bore is its own reward." ~ 412
"Belief based on concealing evidence eventually fails." ~ 413
"Authority provides only mythic victory."  ~ 414
"New opinions come from the strange." ~ 415
"Democracy rarely produces a government of wise people." ~ 416
"If as I age my value system does not change then I cease to grow." ~ 417
"Competition favors cooperation." ~ 418
"The wise ever hunt evasive truth.  The foolish trap evidence as a trophy of bias." ~ 419
"The right to speak does not include the right to an audience." ~ 420

"Wisdom ought not be copyrighted." ~ 421
"What is the price of morality?" ~422
"Insanity is merely another opinion." ~ 423
"Most political movements, like bowels, start with a lot of hot air and end with a pile of fertilizer." ~ 424
"Ignorance is only bliss as a gift of blind fortune." ~ 425
"Is it vanity to imagine we know God?" ~ 426
"Being unable to stop an act does not remove the obligation to minimize its impact." ~ 427
"What value beauty in war?" ~ 428
"Is it just when the lazy starve?" ~ 429
"Discouraging thinking is contagious." ~ 430

"A healthy mind requires more exercise than a healthy body." ~431
"We more often see how we are different rather than how we are the same." ~ 432
"A rival teaches us our weakness." ~ 433
"Ignorance provides room for dreaming." ~ 434
"Desire overwhelms the search for truth." ~ 435
"Total self reliance can be a very lonely life." ~ 436
"Death doesn't scare me enough to pretend its not real." ~ 437
"If I could use my weapon to save my life, could I give it up to save someone else's?" ~ 438
"Admitting one's error builds respect among the wise." ~ 439
"Bringing a knife to a gun fight is foolish, but bringing a gun to word fight is bullying." ~ 440

"Categories are only symbols to remember patterns; sorry Plato, they are not ideal." ~ 441
"Shall mercy or vengeance define me?" ~ 442
"Beware! Suppressed ideas overreact." ~ 443
"Information can not be created or destroyed, it can it can only be changed from one form to another." ~ 444
"The world does not owe me a living; I owe the world my life." ! 445
"Emotion is the pipe by which destructive memes flow." ~ 446
"We should neither martyr ourselves to other's desire nor hoard our plenty from those in need." ~ 447
"We mostly squander in vanity the few moments of opportunity a finite life provides." ~ 448
"Others intelligent dissent is better than their passive agreement." ~ 449
"Much misery can be avoided by seeing your mates faults clearly before wedding them." ~ 450

"Our grasp is limited to our vista." ~ 451
"Without the humility of ignorance, I am unable to admit error." ~ 452
"Freedom and anarchy are twin sisters." ~ 453
"The information of an isolated system cannot decrease yet trends toward entropy." ~ 454
"What profit anger for that which we are unable to change?" ~ 455
"A loss of empathy will enable cruelty." ~ 456
"Myth arises from the abyss of the unknown." ~ 457
"The current of society that carries us to War may be necessary, but is never good." ~ 458
"Feeling superior at the ignorance of another is vain glorious." ~ 459
"Shared exploration is almost always more useful than shared conflict." ~ 460

"What is the price of morality?" ~ 461
"After success is had, laziness often ensues." ~ 462
"Liberty without equality and fraternity is savage."~ 463
"In an infinite universe we appear an infinite number of times in variation beyond imagination." ~ 464
"I will neither a Henny Penny nor an ostrich be." ~ 465
"I can choose what to think about but rarely do." ~ 466
"Intuition is insufficient as evidence." ~ 467
"Can ignorance be revealed without damaging pride?" ~ 468
"Can I exist without knowing the answer?" ~ 469
"Faith which ignores evidence is corrupt."~ 470

"Isolationism and xenophobia are not among the better angels of our nature." ~ 471
"Most trivials are pursuits" ~ 472
"People in stone houses shouldn't throw glass." ~ 473
"The gift horse cares not when it's teeth are examined." ~ 474
"Self is a limit imposed upon being." ~ 475
"We exist in the moment, on a crest of an unfolding wave." ~ 476
"Habit usually trumps free will." ~ 477
"For Sale: Sherlock Holmes thoughts. To highest bidder. Inquire within." ~ 478
"Empathy begins to diminish when we use the word 'them'." ~ 479
"The lazy and bored invent troubles to fill their tedium with drama." ~ 480

"Freedom, writ too large, can lead to destructive behaviors; insanity is not a freedom, yet foolishness is." ~ 481
"That I would have a soldier die in my name, yet not pay taxes to support him, makes me one with my enemy." ~ 482
"Whereof we do not know, we should not speak." ~ 483
"Joy attracts more company than misery." ~ 484
"We fear science from it's reminder that we do not know." ~ 485
"Is brutality ever a moral good?" ~ 486
"Do we choose to hold emotions or do emotions hold us?" ~ 487
"A bane for liberals is in embracing diversity over conformity, yet demanding conformity to diversity." ~ 488
"Is the goal to change their view or to prove we are right?" ~ 489
"Every statement of science begins with an unsaid 'The best we know so far'." ~ 490

"Truth is neither a possession or destination." ~ 491?
"The sum of all our knowledge is less than it's parts." ~ 492
"Oh that evil would cease and never again call good men to war." ~ 493
"We are apart of the all that is; only to ourselves separate and finite." ~ 494
"To speak as if of truth, while remaining ignorant, is the essence of bullshit." ~ 495
"A mirror provides a memory of the cosmos; it is an extension of mind." ~ 496
"I hear dead people, I read." ~ 497
"A fuss budget can prioritize worry" ~ 498
"Some infinities are bigger than others." ~ 499
"Most of us are content to remain ignorant." ~ 500

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