Monday, January 25, 2016

250 More Ritual Aphorisms

"We know not what part of reality comes only from within." ~ 501
"Fatigue closes the mind." ~ 502
"Pandering to ignorance destroys democracy." ~ 503
"Admitting error builds trust." ~ 504
"Complexity alone is an insufficient cause for life or mind." ~ 505
"Every memory is reimagined with every recollection." ~ 506
"Simple answers require less effort and ability." ~ 507
"If it is possible to choose our emotions are we not obliged to do so?" ~ 508
"Innocence is blindness." ~ 509
"Bureaucracy tends to be risk adverse." ~ 510
"Gentle words pave understanding's path." ~ 511
"The past is an imaginary space." ~ 512
"Does the web diminish my capacity for solitude?" ~ 513
"Our technology requires we think globally." ~ 514
"Ought we expect a higher morality from priest and scientist?" ~ 515
"We are free to be foolish, but should not exercise the right." ~ 516
"All but for a single day, we choose to avoid paying the ferryman." ~ 517
"What does it say of us, that violence was not required, yet we used it anyway?" ~ 518
"We make more of life than it is and do less with it than we can." ~ 519
"I am at my beginning and end a sensory island." ~ 520
"We project meaning from within onto what is." ~ 521
"The more urgent the need to pee, the less certain I am of free will." ~ 522|
"Discreteness is a scaling issue of perspective." ~ 523
"Hard times attract spite." ~ 524
"Ignoring evil never protects us from it." ~ 525
"All of us avoid the discomfort of fact with the comfort of opinion." ~ 526
"If no one watched would ugliness exist?" ~ 527
"Any person who claims to know the mind of God lies first to themselves." ~ 528
"Capitalism provides what we want, not what what we need or ought." ~ 529
"Facebook is a modern tower of babble." ~ 530
"In our myths torture is reserved for the evil or desperate." ~ 531
"Free will is often a wee frill." ~ 532
"In the first place, none of us choose to exist." ~ 533
"My hate for <blank> is so great that any compassion shown to it threatens me." ~ 534
"It is easier to throw stones than build a house with them." ~ 535
"Every day walk outside, look up, and notice the sky is not falling." ~ 536
"As no one is perfect, is it better to be too generous, or not generous enough?" ~ 537
"All the people who have ever lived have had less impact on the universe than the sun in a few of it's moments." ~ 538
"Our mental construct of ownership is a means of extending our finite space." ~ 539
"Untested beliefs are mostly just habits." ~ 540
"The joy of seeking truth is often better than the agony of its discovery." ~ 541
"Markets know not morality." ~ 542
"The sword once again tried to conquer the pen and failed." ~ 543
"Realizing I could never become the laughing Buddha, I resolved to become a laughing curmudgeon." ~ 544
"If you wash your hands, you believe in science." ~ 545
"Does order emerge from the constraint of the finite?" ~ 546
"Bigotry is a hydra which feeds on hate and breeds on ignorance." ~ 547
"Poetry is an artifice that gives license to use metaphorical falsity in pursuit of truth." ~ 548
"It is all metaphor, but we pretend some of it is less so." ~ 549
"Wizdumb is when you pee on an electric fence." ~ 550
"We too easily miss the commonality of life by focusing on the shape of the snowflake." ~ 551
"The continuous chain of being, from small to large, is in its own existence a finite self." ~ 552
"Empathy grows with familiarity." ~ 553
"The desire to be normal is the wanting to camouflage the self." ~534
"Giddiness can be as blind as anger." ~ 535
"Are we not innately born with some morality?" ~ 536
"Liberty is not a game of King of the Mountain." ~ 537
"Moving from illiterate to alliterate requires focused repetition." ~ 538
"Perhaps there is no hole in the whole?" ~ 539
"We limit our gods by our imagination." ~ 540
"Without correlation can their be causation?" ~ 541
"Less sheltered children learn to protect themselves." ~ 542
"Aphorisms need not fact nor use." ~ 543
"Self analysis is more often a hall of mirrors." ~ 544
"We exist in the thin film of a tiny ball." ~ 545
"Demagogues primarily attract the ignorant with fear." ~ 546
"Is being an illusion of perspective?" ~ 547
"Joy impairs less than anger leading to lingering, lifted lives." ~ 548
"The Pentateuch is to Christianity as Sharia is to Islam." ~ 549
"As finite beings we grasp for truth, but will never hold it." ~ 550
"Tis better to die of being too kind than its alternatives." ~ 551
"When one thinks they had a bold, new, original idea; it usually means they have not read enough. " ~ 552
"The security of absolute knowledge is a vanity." ~ 553
"When holders of ideology admits not its error, they soon suffer from the perception of persecution." ~ 554
"In so far as truth and beauty align, we strive to seek the divine." ~ 555
"God's love does not require the muttering of words." ~ 556
"A change of opinion requires a change in identity." ~ 557
"If the study of science doesn't lead you to philosophy, you're doing it wrong." ~ 558
"Language becomes us as we become our language." ~ 559
"Although we think of our self as constant, at each moment we change; we are not static beings." ~ 560
"Separation dissolves with distance." ~ 561
"We ought be uncertain, for there are only probabilities." ~ 562
"Self sufficiency is insufficient for a strong society." ~ 563
"No matter how much of our own pain we warn our children about, they will succeed in finding their own." ~ 564
"Highly educated people can make more dangerous mistakes." ~ 565
"The scientific method is letting data speak as teacher while we remain as students." ~ 566
"I cannot know what I cannot sense, however occasionally I may imagine it." ~ 567
"Brevity can permit one to think long and wit deep." ~ 568
"If a cod piece is your master piece, something smells fishy." ~ 569
"The difference between an educator and a debater is means not ends." ~ 570
"When a books cover causes a passionate review of its unread pages we prove ourselves ignorant." ~ 571
"Justice does not require brutality." ~ 572
"Our perspective implies our limits." ~ 573
"My delusion begins where external transforms to internal." ~ 574
"Tradition places a limit upon the future.~ 575
"When we value freedom over wisdom pain is sure to follow." ~ 576
"When everyone wins, winning can lose its meaning." ~ 577
"Creativity is a merging of what already is." ~ 578
"Even Planck sized bytes never nosh the whole Pi." ~ 579
"Projecting our own intent upon another is a vanity of judgement." ~580
"We rarely choose what we think." ~ 581
"we are each a single sample of the 100,000,000,000 humans that have ever existed." ~ 582
"Knowing the dying is opportunity to cherish joy." ~ 583
"Reality is the pin which eventually pops propaganda bubbles." ~ 584
"Constant chuckling catalyzes contentment." ~ 585
"Self grows from language." ~ 586
"Our awareness of reality is limited to our focus."  ~ 587
"I have met enough old people now to know that wisdom may never find me." ~ 588
"Each moment we recreate the myth of who we were." ~589
"Today is a single datapoint; a mere fraction of the set." ~590
"It is vainglorious to assume we are the pinnacle of evolution." ~ 591
"Are words the DNA of reason?" ~ 592
"Categorizing the other permits us to dehumanize them." ~ 593
"Did Columbus's mother bemoan his lack of attention in her dotage?" ~ 594
"Would an evil genius know intelligence does not require wisdom?" ~ 595
"Unexamined love or hate often leads to misfortune." ~ 596
"Is climbing Maslow's ladder the good life?" ~ 597
"While we fear the unknown, our ignorance of our ignorance holds the greater danger." ~ 598
"Metaphors are as real as space and time." ~ 599
"Fighting ideology with weapons is at best a temporary solution." ~ 600
"Culture on the whole is unexamined historical habit." ~ 601
"We are mostly made of four kinds of atoms; it is the arrangement of them that matter." ~ 602
"Abandoning the foolish to their mistakes limits everyone's future possibility." ~ 603
"Humans are less selfish when they must act in public view." ~ 604
"The good old days are certainly old." ~ 605
"Tragedy is an opportunity to develop compassion." ~ 606
"Emotion precedes thought." ~ 607
"The definition of justice depends first upon the definition of self." ~ 608
"All human religious thought is opinion." ~ 609
"We seem to be in infinitely receding realities; the horizon always remaining beyond our grasp." ~ 610
"The examination of life is where meaning is assigned." ~ 611
"A servant with this clause makes language divine." ~ 612
"I am that pattern which exists here now." ~ 613
"At what point does truth become necessary for art?" ~ 614
"I am that which allows neurons to know of each other." ~ 615
"Exploring is more productive than conflict." ~ 616
"Riots and revolutions do not spontaneously erupt without cause." ~ 617
"It is hard to listen the stranger who hears past our own deafness." ~ 618
"It is easier to be angry than solve the problem." ~ 619
"Peace retreats for one who suffers injustice." ~ 620
"Our blinds spots are more often visible to others." ~ 621
"Empowered fear is a most destructive force." ~ 622
"Does genius require meaning?" ~ 623
"Is the devil in the detail of our doctrinal differences?" ~ 624
"In every direction I look deeply, I find doubt." ~ 625
"Our perception and our reality will differ." ~ 626
"A few bad apples ought not be excuse to throw away the basket unexamined." ~ 627
"Our lives are finite possibilities." ~ 628
"Say what you mean, but do not expect to be right." ~ 629
"At least some of our morality is a construct." ~ 630
"Our dreams are a superset of our reality." ~ 631
"Confessions can create calm conditions." ~ 632
"We are at a minimum local patterns on the surface of the all." ~ 633
"Those who live in a fantasy of our past often expect us to bend our future to their dream." ~ 634
"This is not the aphorism you seek." ~ 635
"The fortunate find marriage sweeter than reproduction." ~ 636
"Belief systems based on the paranormal have a reality problem." ~ 637
"If school does not change our minds, have we learned anything?" ~ 638
"That entropy could give rise to form and function is a wonder." ~ 639
"Words are meaning codified." ~ 640
"From my vantage my bias is confirmed." ~ 641
"In a cosmos of probability certainty forever retreats." ~ 642
"Tools enable shifts in perspective." ~ 643
"Quantifying quality diminishes zen." ~ 644
"Common corruption escapes notice." ~ 645
"Conquering pride is better than pride in conquest." ~ 646
"Belief is created when we put bounds on the infinite." ~ 647
"One must venture in to the unknown to become lost." ~ 648
"Even service can be a vanity." ~ 649
"The world did not stay as I understood it upon leaving adolescence." ~ 650
"A skeptic ought first start with themselves." ~ 651
"Satire often is the propaganda of the powerless." ~ 652
"Success is not in and of itself moral." ~ 653
"Is an unexamined ritual worth performing?" ~ 654
"Pushing the decimal point toward truth should not be confused with finding it." ~ 655
"Is not death the final exam worth 100% of our grade?" ~ 656
"Every generation claims the vanity of 'the end is nigh'." ~ 657
"Ought lazy mind's comforts rule us?" ~ 658
"The cosmos has become a puzzle box for itself." ~ 659
"Fatherhood is more about helping learn from mistakes than preventing them." ~ 660
"Have philosophers become the clergy of the enlightenment?" ~ 661
"Rationalization is often impenetrable." ~ 662
"When mammon rules do we not all become slaves?" ~ 663
"Gloating is not among the better angels of our nature." ~ 664
"Perhaps we are not so as important as we might think or desire?" ~ 665
"Unattended emotion unleashes the beast within us all." ~ 666
"She was to the manners born and welcomed all the days of her life." ~ 667
"Words have unique meaning in each usage." ~ 668
"In our separateness we remain incomplete." ~ 669
"An obligor's rigor and vigor should not determine belief." ~ 670
"Between mirrors of past and future my mind stands." ~ 671
"Are not grace and humility interdependent?" ~ 672
"Exclusion is a form of judgement." ~ 673
"In the moment of toe stubbing, agony hinders the analysis of a new furniture layout." ~ 674
"Do protestors who ride in the front of the bus have a moral authority over those that block the bus moving forward?" ~ 675
"Is it good that I can nag myself better than any else?" ~ 676
"Worry about the improbable is easier than accessing risk." ~ 677
"Each of us have some opinions at the fringe of our society's beliefs." ~ 678
"A mule and his funny are soon parted." ~ 679
"Awakening is a plateau of acceptance." ~ 680
"Dense sensing opens complex contemplations." ~ 681
"Tolerance allows no definitions, while intolerance demands it absolute." ~ 682
"We more often speak from our identity than from truth." ~ 683
"I am most content when the moment is art." ~ 684
"We place every object we desire and can grasp into our realm." ~ 685
"Law is common while faith is and may ever be diverse." ~ 686
"Would that we could know certain death was not an infinity." ~ 687
"My speech, as my bowels, is best when neither too hard nor too soft." ~ 688
"Am I predetermined to be on the mindfulness path?" ~ 689
"Leisure time opened mind to create its sensory environment." ~ 690
"Dogma closes openness to novelty." ~ 691
"Empathy begins to fail at the boundary of our experience." ~ 692
"Law is a limit on liberty." ~ 693
"Who among us dare claim perfection?" ~ 694
"The duration of our existence places a limit on how much we can learn." ~ 695
"All advertising is myth making in pursuit of power." ~ 696
"By technology our species has come to a moment of great potential and greater danger." ~ 697
"Our scale is so large we are unable to easily see that each place has a unique time." ~ 698
"Memory is required to move from awareness to consciousness." ~ 699
"<insert personal bias here as truth/>" ~ 700
"Accipit amator sapientiae maledictionem; The lover of wisdom accepts its curse. " ~ 701
"Is my being more than the momentum of my moment?" ~ 702
"The cost of inaction is often higher than the price of virtue. " ~ 703
"I can not shake the desire to live long enough to discover all the ways to pray." ~ 704
"When I must choose between truth and love I define my character." ~ 705
"Knowing is a feeling I get when I stop seeking truth." ~ 706
"I tend to follow the chain of causes until reaching my bias." ~ 707
"The past whispers ever softly, while the future is mute." ~ 708
"Does the Golden Rule end when I am afraid?" ~ 709
"Entropy is trendy." ~ 710
"We sell our moments to another and call it progress." ~ 711
"Inherited giggletude provides competitive advantage toward contentment." ~ 712
"Never trust an unstained cookbook." ~ 713
"Habits tend to ignore novelty." ~ 714
"Am I born indebted to my species?" ~ 715
"My foe's plans hurts me less often than my own mistakes." ~ 716
"Allowing my friends to edit me, honors them, and improves us both." ~ 717
"War knows no law, while peace demands it." ~ 718
"Everyone occasionally suffers from undue clarity." ~ 719
"The beauty of a moment can not be captured." ~ 720
"With every day I better my record on existence." ~ 721
"Belief prefers consistency in value." ~ 722
"Love requires allies to prevail." ~ 723
"After a long search for meaning, I now co-exist with absurdity." ~ 724
"Philosophy and religion can be excuses for not dealing with the here and now." ~ 725
"Emotion trumps reason when unused." ~ 726
"My legend grows when I proclaim the power of mine enemy." ~ 727
"Options are usually more successful than plans." ~ 728
"Democracy enables us to gang up on the weird kid." ~ 729
"Self righteous indignation is easier than empathy but rarely as useful." ~ 730
"In a finite lifespan, how closely shall we examine ourselves?" ~ 731
"Allowing ideology to overwhelm familial love is at our descendents peril." ~ 732
"Parenting demands selfless devotion thus fertilizing love." ~ 733
"When should I sacrifice the now for the future?" ~ 734
"Wisdom is a fertilizer than can only be spread so thick." ~ 735
"I remain unable to resolve my thinking from others forbearance." ~ 736
"Both the insane and the successful stand up after every blow to the head." ~ 737
"When I do not strive to be kind, I am more apt to be mean." ~ 738
"Science illiteracy is an unaffordable luxury." ~ 739
"Trust remains mostly unmeasured by money." ~ 740
"Every moment has beauty unapprehended." ~ 741
"Where we choose to place our awareness matters." ~ 742
"Anger prevents the courage required for self change." ~ 743
"Authentic being is at least in part a self construct." ~ 744
"On what scale does mind exist?" ~ 745
"Be wary the merchants of fear." ~ 746
"A relativist claims opinion as arbitrator of truth." ~ 747
"If all our holy books were only one page long, how different could they be?"  ~ 748
"We honor those who serve when hearing them." ~ 749
"Only if infinity is real are all things possible." ~ 750

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