Thursday, July 6, 2017

Complete list of Aphorisms to July 2017

"With each breath, i use myself up." ~ 1
"If laughter is the best medicine, then anger is the worst disease." ~ 2
"The law does not make me a good husband." ~ 3
"Although i gently row with intent, the storms of fate contain my destiny." ~ 4
"The milk of human kindness curdles with intemperance." ~ 5
"What measure of of devotion shall i give to those of seven score and ten years on who struggle to both divide and unite us?" ~ 6
"Where shall i draw the line that divides justice from revenge?" ~ 7
"Vacuum cleaner minds suck up scads of dirty ideas." ~ 8
"Memories are the silt which determine the flow of our lives" ~ 9
"The cloud's silver lining still looks like a bunny from the inside." ~ 10
"The wonder of existence and the doubt of meaning in it unite us all." ~ 11
"All order is temporary." ~ 12
"Did anyone cut in line when they were handing out the loaves and fishes?" ~ 13
"The ruler may make the measure of a society, but the subject is what it is all about." ~ 14
"The power of an early hour shower turns dour to flower." ~ 15
"The river of greed overflowed its money banks and put many houses underwater." ~ 16
"Width, height, depth, time, gravity, magnetism, and information are all undirectly sensed dimensions." ~ 17
"We hide from our children how repetitious adulthood can be." ~ 18
"To find something you search, but to know something you re-search."~ 19
"Is it better to serve a rich man or a poor man?" ~ 20
"Love seeks the greatest good, markets seek the greatest value." ~ 21
"The day I truly began to live was the day I realized I was going to die." ~ 22
"Culture is made anew when we break our habits." ~ 23
"Everyone drives too fast; except when i'm behind them." ~ 24
"Ignorance is never a virtue."  ~ 25
"We depend upon the hormones of adolescence to determine our genetic destiny." ~ 26
"When i stop learning, i stop growing." ~ 27
"Living inside our own myth feels real." ~ 28
"Romance comes from hormones, love comes from service." ~ 29
"Liberty with out reason leaves us slave to our desires." ~ thirty
"In-finite means not-finite as e-ternity means not-time." ~ 31
"Ignorance can be educated, stupidity only sheltered." ~ 32
"War begets immorality." ~ 33
"The good-old-days ideas function only so long as the good-old-days conditions prevail." ~ 34
"It is never safe to stop fighting, but you will never be safe until you do."~ 35
"Thinking about thinking is the harmonic of the soul." ~ 36
"An unintended direction often leads to the discovery of beauty." ~ 37
"Is it vanity to wish to stand on the shoulders of taller giants?" ~ 38
"A student of dogma only graduates after passing a reality test." ~ 39
"Worry about one's virtue is not religion specific." ~ 40
"Our children know our weaknesses first hand making their love all the more dear." ~ 41
"Freedom is sibling to both fear and trust ." ~ 42
"Chores shadows profile play's delight." ~ 43
"Following your heart only works if you have a well informed head." ~ 44
"It takes more than one movement a day to keep the hemorrhoids away." ~ 45
"Shall the coveted man have recourse?" ~ 46
"All journeys require me to practice, observe and adapt." ~ 47
"Self esteem is a consequence of self control." ~ 48
"Child's emotions are tyrants which we must parentally usurp." ~ 49
"There is a limit to how many decisions I can make each day, so mostly things just happen." ~ 50
"Beauty derives its value from the attention we give it." ~ 51
"Should I ever let my world be dominated by Us and Them?" ~ 52
"Faith without doubt is meaningless." ~ 53
"Love and wisdom are both flames to be passed on with care." ~ 54
"Can sincerity ever be forced?" ~ 55
"Shall I be my brothers keeper before  he is ill and old?" ~ 56
"It is fantastic to live in an age of great discovery, but disappointing to not have lived after it." ~ 57
"Collective radical belief encourages evil acts to occur." ~ 58
"When I'm content, fatigue is an unheeded burden." ~ 59
"Fortune favors the friendly." ~ 60
"Experience is my filter for the future." ~ 61
"We all leave our own unique trail of mistakes." ~ 62
"A message unread is only a thought." ~ 63
"When I look at my own foolishness, suffering others is easy." ~ 64
"Order congeals as energy dissipates." ~ 65
"Old wise men come from young fools." ~ 66
"When should I ever stand between you and your god?" ~ 67
"Learning when to release anger is a big step toward maturity." ~ 68
"A proportion of rest is necessary to grow." ~ 69
"Curiosity is the wellspring of innovation." ~ 70
"When does my humility to others out weigh my self reliance?" ~ 71
"Addictive activities relieve boredom." ~ 72
"Are these States ever United?"~ 73
"Compared to the universe i have little matter to matter at all." ~ 74
"We reveal ourselves by opportunity and trust." ~ 75
"A good question searches an answer." ~ 76
"With no sense of the scale of time, children and dogs think now is an eternity." ~ 77
"The chip on my shoulder is much heavier than it appears."~ 78
"An appropriate apology is a sign of strength." ~ 79
"The scale at which we live defines our expectations." ~ 80
"Sometimes faith is when we believe against all the facts." ~ 81
"A taste of wine is rarely a waste of time." ~ 82
"We begin and end equal before the law, in all else we differ." ~ 83
"Does acknowledgment of an idea provide it advocacy?" ~ 84
"With death certain, fear only wastes time." ~ 85
"Should I ever express pity?" ~ 86
"Friendships form at a slower pace as we age." ~ 87
"Is it better to live a long life or a good life?" ~ 88
"Until men can have babies, will we ever have equality?" ~ 89
"Night is everywhere, it is sunlight that is rare." ~ 90
"Fences keep out bad neighbors and good." ~ 91
"Some goals take many lifetimes." ~ 92
"I am wisest when silent, thereby foolish here." ~ 93
"If god doesn't play dice with the universe, then there is no free will." ~ 94
"Every person has their own version of the truth." ~ 95
"The fragility of each moment is broken before we even know it exists." ~ 96
"Is changing the rules to favor a few cheating?" ~ 97
"Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, no one wants to admit they are an animal." ~ 98
"I learn more when reading things I don't agree with." ~ 99
"Bitter pills provide moral fiber." ~ 100
"Liberty is blind to both lie and truth." ~ 101
"Does God speak to us only through a book?" ~ 102
"Even speaking of the future exists in the past." ~ 103
"The competition I choose limits me." ~ 104
"Sometimes the means destroy the ends." ~ 105
"No tombstone laments undone chores." ~ 106
"The price rarely contains all the costs." ~ 107
"When I give nothing a name does it become something?" ~ 108
"Does my life contain any greater blessing than life itself?" ~ 109
"Progress comes when we make the imagined real." ~ 110
"Without intervention ignorance breeds ignorance." ~ 111
"Hate helps me ignore unpleasant solutions." ~ 112
"No choice is made in a vacuum." ~ 113
"Sometimes listening is the only healing required." ~ 114
"Wealth is useless when you are annoyed." ~ 115
"If greed begets value then vice can derive virtue?" ~ 116
"My many minds have but one voice." ~ 117
"The worst slavery is to one's own emotions." ~ 118
"How quickly should my tears for a stranger dry?" ~ 119
"In the end the land will own me." ~ 120
"Memories are only a vague shadow of the past." ~ 121
"Is it worse to almost win or not to try at all?" ~ 122
"Does love ever ridicule?" ~ 123
"Fear fathers fools." ~ 124
"Even in old age the horizons of youth are hard to see beyond." ~ 125
"Standing next to the candle, it is easy to forget how big the darkness is." ~ 126
"Truth does not always fit the facts." ~ 127
"When I fail to listen I fail before I start." ~ 128
"A hundred years from now no one will remember my cares." ~ 129
"Is there a duty to make life fair?" ~ 1thirty
"Write to be read as thoughts need no audience." ~ 131
"A lack of patience drives the great and terrible forward." ~ 132
"Unrestrained sharing of opinion tends to end politeness." ~ 133
"When I step gently my path is paved." ~ 134
"Vouching for someone gives them your name to use." ~ 135
 ~ 136
"The more common life is, the cheaper it becomes." ~ 137
"Most humans live without emergency exits." ~ 138
"Opinion without facts leads to pain." ~ 139
"Focusing on the ends gives license to the lie." ~ 140
"Maths are the wizards spells by which we control our world." ~ 141
"Fortune's harvest depends by chance where you are planted." ~ 142
"Bumper stickers rarely change minds." ~ 143
"Struggles over ideology have no victors, rather only survivors." ~ 144
"We learn by seeking the cause of the result; we act by having the cause get the result."  ~ 145
"Language itself is a metaphor of reality." ~ 146
"Is the planet earth a sacred place?" ~ 147
"Does thinking about silence destroy it?" ~ 148
"Sound and emotion fade with time and distance." ~ 149
"Aging unfolds the depth of my ignorance." ~ 150
"Can an unhappy life be saved by giving it meaning?" ~ 151
"Learning to listen is much harder than learning to speak." ~ 152
"When I obeys my belly, I obeys my enemy." ~ 153
"Are humans like clay, once broken never put anew?" ~ 154
"I love wisdom from afar." ~ 155
"Does freedom mean i have the right to be impure?" ~ 156
"Failure allows wisdom to leave a deeper mark." ~ 157
"Is morality only a retirement plan for the hereafter?" ~ 158
"Sometimes manipulating others is necessary." ~ 159
"We mostly change our existence too slowly to notice the difference." ~ 160
"Self interest is the first mover of brutes." ~ 161
"Demeaning the unfamiliar diminishes my potential." ~ 162
"Should I be moderate with moderation?" ~ 163
"Fighting taxes is like fighting death, I will most certainly lose." ~ 164
"I do good and evil more by habit than choice." ~ 165
"Simple explanations allow me to think I have control." ~ 166
"Humility allows for differences in opinion." ~ 167
"Is it necessary to tell others to make my feelings real?" ~ 168
"The hot flames of others hearts leap from their eyes only when met." ~ 169
"How can I make a habit of discovering when I'm wrong?" ~ 170
"There are no corporations in foxholes." ~ 171
"We can now destroy our world without God's help." ~ 172
"Structured struggles school saintly strength." ~ 173
"Does charity require humility in the receiver?" ~ 174
"Untamed emotion provides a blind spot to opportunity." ~ 175
"We all live in artificial bubbles of reality." ~ 176
"Government holds back anarchy so that good things can happen." ~ 177
"People who long suffer adversity are rarely angry." ~ 178
"Did Bhudda grind his teeth at night?" ~ 179
"Undramatic disasters receive little attention." ~ 180
"Once belief becomes an illusion, how can it return?" ~ 181
"Speaking well is easier than acting well." ~ 182
"Thankfully, everyone is different." ~ 183 <-- Half way point
"Hunger knows not morality." ~ 184
"Does the possesion of virtual objects limit avarice?" ~ 185
"The more variety I experience, the more tolerant I become." ~ 186
"When I focus on my wife's beauty more than her wisdom do I demean her?" ~ 187
"Dreams propel us from their dearth of details." ~ 188
"Borrowing the now from all possible futures, with each breath I trim the possibility of what could be." ~ 189
"Change is by default neither good nor chosen." ~ 190
"Is it better to tell myself a story of who I will become rather than a story of who I am?" ~ 191
"As humanity is more dear than I, the world is to any nation." ~ 192
"The sacred and the mundane are the same thing." ~ 193
"Without the mountain I could not have climbed so high." ~ 194
"I will be my most experienced just before I die." ~ 195
"We admire the brave for their vulnerability." ~ 196
"Just drive on, for exploration occurs at the edge of the known; let others build a road behind you." ~ 197
"Success rarely results in celebration." ~ 198
"Boredom and wanting are too often the only states of being." ~ 199
"Violence is the first act of the evil and the last act of a fool." ~ 200
"My culture values wealth over wisdom and beauty over benevolence." ~ 201
"If I keep removing one cell at a time when do I stop being me?" ~ 202
"Does a holocaust give license to the bigotry of its victims?" ~ 203
"If I put religion in my politics, do i get politics in my religion?" ~ 204
"Writing is speech to the future." ~ 205
"Can I accept that somethings are unknowable?" ~ 206
"To pass through the eye of the needle, one must be accountable for many resources." ~ 207
"I thought to make each mistake just once; only to to discover there are so many mistakes to be made." ~ 208
"May our children never learn that war contains pain and honor but no glory." ~ 209
"Since I can never fully understand myself, my choices will always have a degree of blindness." ~ 210
"It takes many years of practice to become a grouchy old man." ~ 211
"What cannot be retrieved from waste through usage?" ~ 212
"Having stayed down the rabbit hole long enough, it became familiar." ~ 213
"Because I am not the Christ, the cross on my shoulder can become a chip." ~ 214
"Money is a poor measure of love." ~ 215
"Winter is natures way of reminding me life is temporary." ~ 216
"I did not begin to understand my parents love until I became one." ~ 217
"I can only seek truth when i have no agenda." ~ 218
"When is it more important to be kind than to be right?" ~ 219
"I am composed of billions of copies of the same set of instructions read differently each time." ~ 2twenty
"Politics is about deal making while religion is about purity."  ~ 221
"Without the humility of ignorance, I do no learn." ~ 222
"Every mirror passed is a test of mans soul." ~ 223
"Must I think evil thoughts in order to avoid them?" ~ 224
"Self replicating ideas have the best chance of survival." ~ 225
"Can good come from causing suffering?" ~ 226
"Love grows when unobserved." ~ 227
"Every age thinks its children morally corrupt and it's ancestors holy, but can they all be right?" ~ 228
"The best i can hope for is that some small fraction of my life will be lived in a considered way."  ~ 229
"When I encounter the new its hard to remember others come before me too." ~ 230
"Perhaps there is no path in front of us, only a fading trail behind us." ~ 231
"Self knowledge once learned can never become unknown." ~ 232
"Ideology is often trumped by the desire for resources." ~ 233
"Attempts to end violence by threats of violence  more often spiral to tragedy." ~ 234
"Should I look away from sin so i do not bear it witness?" ~ 235
"I seek the new because ignorance is more dreadful than the different." ~ 236
"Is a self reliant thief more moral than a lazy beggar?" ~ 237
"Consequences have many causes, we choose to ignore most of them." ~ 238
"Without sadness, joy becomes complacency." ~ 239
"What if money is not the most important thing?" ~ 240
"Only those who do not know the use of pens think the sword is mightier." ~ 241
"Does good require that evil also exist?" ~ 242
"Altruism by many is first experienced through their children." ~ 243
"Ad hominiem genuit ad hominiem reductio ad absurdum: Personal attacks beget personal attacks reducing all to absurdity." ~ 244
"When should the rights of the individual overwhelm the rights of the whole?" ~ 245
"If you can not argue from your opponents view, then you do not understand them." ~ 246
"If I could observe myself without knowing it, what would I learn?" ~ 247
"Can an animal be good or evil?" ~ 248
"When I say 'God is good' do I mean good transcends God?" ~ 249
"Bravery is learned from coping with failure." ~ 250
"At some point in the climbing of giants, I came to realize the responsibility to not only help others climb to their shoulders; but to help others climb higher than I have the mind or time to go." ~ 251
"We do not live on the frontier anymore; the land is settled, the predators all but gone, and the natives almost exterminated." ~ 252
"The man with the gold tells me he wants to make the rules." ~ 253
"Automobiles are hermit crab shells for humans." ~ 254
"Cows do not understand they are being used, ocassionally humans do." ~ 255
"Fandom is service to someone else's ability." ~ 256
"I woke up in someone else's dream and will die leaving a piece of mine behind." ~ 257
"What skills are worth in an day, that a man of labor earns in a year?" ~ 258
"Technology both destroys and creates patterns of thought." ~ 259
"It is not the severity of punishment that deters, but the certainty of it." ~ 260
"Art is typically critiqued by those who do not create." ~ 261
"It is better to be an errored gent than to be arrogant." ~ 262
"Disguising selfishness as self-reliance is a wolf in sheep's clothing." ~ 263
"If I do not take time to know myself how can i become more?" ~ 264
"A closed mind, even when rolling, never gathers ideas." ~ 265
"Soaring laughter can ensue from a well told joke but the scant pun will illicit abysmal groans." ~ 266
"Love's service produces life's serenity." ~ 267
"Should we admire the athlete who runs faster than us, yet disdain the scientist who thinks deeper?" ~ 268
"Why is fear of the strange worse than fear of the familiar?" ~ 269
"Oh that for a breif moment I could channel the divine." ~ 270
"Violence is an unskilled and brutal teacher." ~ 271
"Without love, the immensity of the universe would overwhelm me." ~ 272
"We look in mirrors to understand ourselves." ~ 273
"Most sucessful civilizations eventually ruin their environment." ~ 274
"Is my fear sufficient reason to acquit me of murder?" ~ 275
"The universe appears random and we group together to improve our lot." ~ 276
"The less I want, the more I learn, the better I understand." ~ 277
"Learning is the search for beauty." ~ 278
"From the moon, humans have only recently and barely become visible." ~ 279
"Those who live in the past will eventually go there." ~ 280
"When lost is it better to pick a path imagining it true or wander aimlessly in discovery?" ~ 281
"My reality is a construct of my mind." ~ 282
"As plants require a small amount of feces, do minds require a bit of B.S. to grow strong and healthy?" ~ 283
 "Love for humanity has made my love for family stronger."~ 284
"Is a man who can not see his own failing without honor?" ~ 285
"Is any one of us more important than all of us?" ~ 286
"News organizations by definition engage in hearsay." ~ 287
"I met me and came away shamed and humbled." ~ 288
"Willful ignorance is a sin against our own lives." ~ 289
"Silence is sometimes the best arguement." ~ 290
"The young live for their future while the old live from their past." ~ 291
"We rarely admit our ignorance and even less seldom attempt to correct it." ~ 292
"If wealth is a consequences of hard work then every mother should be a millionaire." ~ 293
"Self replicating ideas have the best chance of survival." ~ 294
"Facts are only the most successful myths." ~ 295
"If I attack the person rather than his idea, am i then a coward?" ~ 296
"Every human teaches as they act." ~ 297
"Is the inferior obligated to superior or visa versa?" ~ 298
"Admitting ignorance claims less attention than professing knowledge." ~ 299
"Energy and precision limit our ability to control." ~ 300
"As i destroy a pencil to create a drawing, I must destrony my preconceptions to create understanding." ~ 301
"Memories flash like fish in the mind's river." ~ 302
"Can evil ever be fought by good acts alone?" ~ 303
"Our minds are more limited by our ability to retrieve memories than make them."~ 304
"The unchallenged faith is weak." ~ 305
"A gentle mind is a rare find." ~ 306
"Is it harder for the childless to learn altruism?" ~ 307
 ~ 308
"Was Bin laden sin laden?" ~ 309
"Does not a peaceful society requires a social contract limiting freedom?" ~ 310
"Acts of kindness build respect."  ~ 311
"I am a tooth in the decay of passion." ~ 312
"The essential is invisible and silent." ~ 313
"Many wish to be magic, but none of us are." ~ 314
"Selfishness disguised as self reliance ends in a lonely existence." ~ 315
"The structure of information gives its meaning." ~ 316
"If the finite cannot become infinite, then i will surely have an end." ~ 317
"Better days later require our involvment now." ~ 318
"Pragmatism adapts to its environment." ~ 319
"Ignorance gives sanction to arrogance." ~ 320
"Absurdity sources a myriad of hates."~ 321
"Sex and prayer are private and not for public display." ~ 322
"Love of self is only a step in learning to love others." ~ 323
"Open minds do not involve their egos in their positions." ~ 324
"In a democracy, even the ignorant vote." ~ 325
"The cosmos is centered neither on our earth or mind's ideas." ~ 326
"Some always believe the 'end is nigh' and almost all are always wrong." ~ 327
"Schools are factories of stock minds, while readers custom build theirs." ~ 328
"Security and freedom are mortal foes." ~ 329
"Willful ignorance is a cowardly cover for sin." ~ 330
"We choose to make the world a better or worse place." ~ 331
"I do not own earth, rather it owns me." ~ 332
"If we belive in an afterlife only the sinner should fear death. ~ 333
"Transcending anger and fear is necessary for progress." ~ 334
"Should we pity the adult who still makes believe?" ~ 335
"How I respond to winning and losing defines my character." ~ 336
"When personal property is too precious souls suffer." ~ 337
"Corporations exist so that a few may benefit from a many." ~ 338
"How much suffering does a fool deserve?" ~ 339
"Picking wise friends is more important the picking fun ones." ~ 340
"Does a democracy require a nobility?" ~ 341
"Thinking rewires my brain." ~ 342
"Our character is defined by how we act when no one is watching." ~ 343
"Patience wins more often than violence." ~ 344
"A quick response often reveals more of us than we wish." ~ 345
"Thinking differently is not necessarily thinking correctly. ~ 346
"If art says 'I am here' rather than 'this is beauty' is it just a form of selfishness?" ~ 347
"When should i report what is heard and not seen?" ~ 348
"We are billions of copies of the same set of instructions each realized slightly differently." ~ 349
"Adventure and stability tend to be mutually exclusive." ~ 350
"Sometimes it matters more how we die than how we live." ~ 351
"Is putting party before country a form of treason?" ~ 352
"Society's purpose not a purely an economic one, rather it is the pursuit of happiness, liberty, and life, which can be had with a minimum of resources." ~ 353
"Mothers have more often found a legacy in their children." ~ 354
"There is no evidence that future or past exist, only the moment is sensed." ~ 355
"Religion proscribes, science prescribes." ~ 356
"Creativity spawns from recombination of the existing." ~ 357
"Indirect advice has greater impact." ~ 358
"Finding the joy of the moment is often difficult, but should always be our imperative." ~ 359
"It is more important to judge oneself than others." ~ 360
"Follow a preachers deeds rather than their words." ~ 361
"Most of life is spent on the mundane." ~ 362
"The problem with a long life is that you spend most of it old." ~ 363
"Butchering animals brings me to see inside myself." ~ 364
"Every day I breathe is a good day." ~ 365

"When I pay too close attention to boundaries I fail to see what is."  ~366
"Should people suffer or die because they can not afford treatment?" ~367
"Beauty does not require uniformity." ~ 368
"Does the newborn begin with a debt to its society?" ~ 369
"When a light shines upon our strengths, it profiles weakness in our shadows." ~ 370
"How do I stop my motivations from skewing my view of reality?" ~ 371
"When someone wishes to stand upon on your shoulders, should you take pride in being a giant or dismiss those whom can not raise you up?" ~372
"Does consciousness require categorization?" ~ 373
"My limited time on earth is so dear a commodity how can I ever say money is it's measure?" ~ 374
"A wise man spends his adult life unlearning his childhood" ~ 375
"Does love require suspension of the law?" ~376
"Without empathy morality is brutal." ~ 377
"Humility in ignorance eases learning." ~ 378
"Everyone is occasionally not delusional." ~ 379
"When I am not present in the moment, I am absent in reality." ~ 380
"If a chicken is a way for an egg to make another egg, then my daughter and mother need a serious conversation." ~ 381
"When I stop changing, my existence ceases." ~ 382
"Any business that is unable to pay its workers a living wage is not viable." ~383
"The problem is not what is yet unproven but what is proven and ignored." ~384
"People with holy books tend to ignore some part of it." ~ 385
"The pain and uselessness of old age is scarier than dying." ~ 386
"Unrestrained passions most often end in pain." ~ 387
"In physics and habits overcoming inertia requires significant force." ~ 388
"True humility needs no sharing" ~ 389
"Bias is a well tied blindfold." ~ 390
"We forget more easily long words than short ones." ~391
"Fear is a foolish counselor." ~ 392
"The unobserved life cannot be lived." ~ 393
"Observing my own actions, it is easy to remain humble." ~ 394
"A well held grudge binds me." ~ 395
"There is no pride in our enemies pain." ~ 396
"Thinking without rhetoric is like sports without rules." ~ 397
"I act more by habit than choice." ~ 398
"Should my version of God be made law? Or only yours?" ~ 399
"Bias generates moral conflict." ~ 400
"Should I love the unmet?" ~ 401
"Moral utility resists quantification." ~ 402
"Emotions persist only with focus." ~403
"All struggles eventually end in death." ~ 404
"Admitting ignorance requires more courage than pretending knowledge." ~ 405
"Should fear ever replace respect?" ~ 406
"Anger could be the engine but never the steering." ~ 407
"Self reliance is only the beginning of citizenship." ~ 408
"Division sells soap and garners political donations." ~ 409
"Certainty closes the mind to the unknown." ~ 410
"All opinion uses incomplete information." ~ 411
"Patiently suffering a bore is its own reward." ~ 412
"Belief based on concealing evidence eventually fails." ~ 413
"Authority provides only mythic victory."  ~ 414
"New opinions come from the strange." ~ 415
"Democracy rarely produces a government of wise people." ~ 416
"If as I age my value system does not change then I cease to grow." ~ 417
"Competition favors cooperation." ~ 418
"The wise ever hunt evasive truth.  The foolish trap evidence as a trophy of bias." ~ 419
"The right to speak does not include the right to an audience." ~ 420
"Wisdom ought not be copyrighted." ~ 421
"What is the price of morality?" ~422
"Insanity is merely another opinion." ~ 423
"Most political movements, like bowels, start with a lot of hot air and end with a pile of fertilizer." ~ 424
"Ignorance is only bliss as a gift of blind fortune." ~ 425
"Is it vanity to imagine we know God?" ~ 426
"Being unable to stop an act does not remove the obligation to minimize its impact." ~ 427
"What value beauty in war?" ~ 428
"Is it just when the lazy starve?" ~ 429
"Discouraging thinking is contagious." ~ 430
"A healthy mind requires more exercise than a healthy body." ~431
"We more often see how we are different rather than how we are the same." ~ 432
"A rival teaches us our weakness." ~ 433
"Ignorance provides room for dreaming." ~ 434
"Desire overwhelms the search for truth." ~ 435
"Total self reliance can be a very lonely life." ~ 436
"Death doesn't scare me enough to pretend its not real." ~ 437
"If I could use my weapon to save my life, could I give it up to save someone else's?" ~ 438
"Admitting one's error builds respect among the wise." ~ 439
"Bringing a knife to a gun fight is foolish, but bringing a gun to word fight is bullying." ~ 440
"Categories are only symbols to remember patterns; sorry Plato, they are not ideal." ~ 441
"Shall mercy or vengeance define me?" ~ 442
"Beware! Suppressed ideas overreact." ~ 443
"Information can not be created or destroyed, it can it can only be changed from one form to another." ~ 444
"The world does not owe me a living; I owe the world my life." ~ 445
"Emotion is the pipe by which destructive memes flow." ~ 446
"We should neither martyr ourselves to other's desire nor hoard our plenty from those in need." ~ 447
"We mostly squander in vanity the few moments of opportunity a finite life provides." ~ 448
"Others intelligent dissent is better than their passive agreement." ~ 449
"Much misery can be avoided by seeing your mates faults clearly before wedding them." ~ 450
"Our grasp is limited to our vista." ~ 451
"Without the humility of ignorance, I am unable to admit error." ~ 452
"Freedom and anarchy are twin sisters." ~ 453
"The information of an isolated system cannot decrease yet trends toward entropy." ~ 454
"What profit anger for that which we are unable to change?" ~ 455
"A loss of empathy will enable cruelty." ~ 456
"Myth arises from the abyss of the unknown." ~ 457
"The current of society that carries us to War may be necessary, but is never good." ~ 458
"Feeling superior at the ignorance of another is vain glorious." ~ 459
"Shared exploration is almost always more useful than shared conflict." ~ 460
"What is the price of morality?" ~ 461
"After success is had, laziness often ensues." ~ 462
"Liberty without equality and fraternity is savage."~ 463
"In an infinite universe we appear an infinite number of times in variation beyond imagination." ~ 464
"I will neither a henny penny nor an ostrich be." ~ 465
"I can choose what to think about but rarely do." ~ 466
"Intuition is insufficient as evidence." ~ 467
"Can ignorance be revealed without damaging pride?" ~ 468
"Can I exist without knowing the answer?" ~ 469
"Faith which ignores evidence is corrupt."~ 470
"Isolationism and xenophobia are not among the better angels of our nature." ~ 471
"Most trivials are pursuits" ~ 472
"People in stone houses shouldn't throw glass." ~ 473
"The gift horse cares not when it's teeth are examined." ~ 474
"Self is a limit imposed upon being." ~ 475
"We exist in the moment, on a crest of an unfolding wave." ~ 476
"Habit usually trumps free will." ~ 477
"For Sale: Sherlock Holmes thoughts. To highest bidder. Inquire within." ~ 478
"Empathy begins to diminish when we use the word 'them'." ~ 479
"The lazy and bored invent troubles to fill their tedium with drama." ~ 480
"Freedom, writ too large, can lead to destructive behaviors; insanity is not a freedom, yet foolishness is." ~ 481
"That I would have a solidier die in my name, yet not pay taxes to support him, makes me one with my enemy." ~ 482
"Whereof we do not know, we should not speak." ~ 483
"Joy attracts more company than misery." ~ 484
"We fear science from it's reminder that we do not know." ~ 485
"Is brutality ever a moral good?" ~ 486
"Do we choose to hold emotions or do emotions hold us?" ~ 487
"A bane for liberals is in embracing diversity over conformity, yet demanding conformity to diversity." ~ 488
"Is the goal to change their view or to prove we are right?" ~ 489
"Every statement of science begins with an unsaid 'The best we know so far'." ~ 490
"Truth is neither a possession or destination." ~ 491?
"The sum of all our knowledge is less than it's parts." ~ 492
"Oh that evil would cease and never again call good men to war." ~ 493
"We are apart of the all that is; only to ourselves separate and finite." ~ 494
"To speak as if of truth, while remaining ignorant, is the essence of bullshit." ~ 495
"A mirror provides a memory of the cosmos; it is an extension of mind." ~ 496
"I hear dead people, I read." ~ 497
"A fuss budget can prioritize worry" ~ 498
"Some infinities are bigger than others." ~ 499
"Most of us are content to remain ignorant." ~ 500
"We know not what part of reality comes only from within." ~ 501
"Fatigue closes the mind." ~ 502
"Pandering to ignorance destroys democracy." ~ 503
"Admitting error builds trust." ~ 504
"Complexity alone is an insufficient cause for life or mind." ~ 505
"Every memory is reimagined with every recollection." ~ 506
"Simple answers require less effort and ability." ~ 507
"If it is possible to choose our emotions are we not obliged to do so?" ~ 508
"Innocence is blindness." ~ 509
"Bureaucracy tends to be risk adverse." ~ 510
"Gentle words pave understanding's path." ~ 511
"The past is an imaginary space." ~ 512
"Does the web diminish my capacity for solitude?" ~ 513
"Our technology requires we think globally." ~ 514
"Ought we expect a higher morality from priest and scientist?" ~ 515
"We are free to be foolish, but should not exercise the right." ~ 516
"All but for a single day, we choose to avoid paying the ferryman." ~ 517
"What does it say of us, that violence was not required, yet we used it anyway?" ~ 518
"We make more of life than it is and do less with it than we can." ~ 519
"I am at my beginning and end a sensory island." ~ 520
"We project meaning from within onto what is." ~ 521
"The more urgent the need to pee, the less certain I am of free will." ~ 522|
"Discreteness is a scaling issue of perspective." ~ 523
"Hard times attract spite." ~ 524
"Ignoring evil never protects us from it." ~ 525
"All of us avoid the discomfort of fact with the comfort of opinion." ~ 526
"If no one watched would ugliness exist?" ~ 527
"Any person who claims to know the mind of God lies first to themselves." ~ 528
"Capitalism provides what we want, not what what we need or ought." ~ 529
"Facebook is a modern tower of babble." ~ 530
"In our myths torture is reserved for the evil or desperate." ~ 531
"Free will is often a wee frill." ~ 532
"In the first place, none of us choose to exist." ~ 533
"My hate for <blank> is so great that any compassion shown to it threatens me." ~ 534
"It is easier to throw stones than build a house with them." ~ 535
"Every day walk outside, look up, and notice the sky is not falling." ~ 536
"As no one is perfect, is it better to be too generous, or not generous enough?" ~ 537
"All the people who have ever lived have had less impact on the universe than the sun in a few of it's moments." ~ 538
"Our mental construct of ownership is a means of extending our finite space." ~ 539
"Untested beliefs are mostly just habits." ~ 540
"The joy of seeking truth is often better than the agony of its discovery." ~ 541
"Markets know not morality." ~ 542
"The sword once again tried to conquer the pen and failed." ~ 543
"Realizing I could never become the laughing Buddha, I resolved to become a laughing curmudgeon." ~ 544
"If you wash your hands, you believe in science." ~ 545
"Does order emerge from the constraint of the finite?" ~ 546
"Bigotry is a hydra which feeds on hate and breeds on ignorance." ~ 547
"Poetry is an artifice that gives license to use metaphorical falsity in pursuit of truth." ~ 548
"It is all metaphor, but we pretend some of it is less so." ~ 549
"Wizdumb is when you pee on an electric fence." ~ 550
"We too easily miss the commonality of life by focusing on the shape of the snowflake." ~ 551
"The continuous chain of being, from small to large, is in its own existence a finite self." ~ 552
"Empathy grows with familiarity." ~ 553
"The desire to be normal is the wanting to camouflage the self." ~534
"Giddiness can be as blind as anger." ~ 535
"Are we not innately born with some morality?" ~ 536
"Liberty is not a game of King of the Mountain." ~ 537
"Moving from illiterate to alliterate requires focused repetition." ~ 538
"Perhaps there is no hole in the whole?" ~ 539
"We limit our gods by our imagination." ~ 540
"Without correlation can their be causation?" ~ 541
"Less sheltered children learn to protect themselves." ~ 542
"Aphorisms need not fact nor use." ~ 543
"Self analysis is more often a hall of mirrors." ~ 544
"We exist in the thin film of a tiny ball." ~ 545
"Demagogues primarily attract the ignorant with fear." ~ 546
"Is being an illusion of perspective?" ~ 547
"Joy impairs less than anger leading to lingering, lifted lives." ~ 548
"The Pentateuch is to Christianity as Sharia is to Islam." ~ 549
"As finite beings we grasp for truth, but will never hold it." ~ 550
"Tis better to die of being too kind than its alternatives." ~ 551
"When one thinks they had a bold, new, original idea; it usually means they have not read enough. " ~ 552
"The security of absolute knowledge is a vanity." ~ 553
"When holders of ideology admits not its error, they soon suffer from the perception of persecution." ~ 554
"In so far as truth and beauty align, we strive to seek the divine." ~ 555
"God's love does not require the muttering of words." ~ 556
"A change of opinion requires a change in identity." ~ 557
"If the study of science doesn't lead you to philosophy, you're doing it wrong." ~ 558
"Language becomes us as we become our language." ~ 559
"Although we think of our self as constant, at each moment we change; we are not static beings." ~ 560
"Separation dissolves with distance." ~ 561
"We ought be uncertain, for there are only probabilities." ~ 562
"Self sufficiency is insufficient for a strong society." ~ 563
"No matter how much of our own pain we warn our children about, they will succeed in finding their own." ~ 564
"Highly educated people can make more dangerous mistakes." ~ 565
"The scientific method is letting data speak as teacher while we remain as students." ~ 566
"I cannot know what I cannot sense, however occasionally I may imagine it." ~ 567
"Brevity can permit one to think long and wit deep." ~ 568
"If a cod piece is your master piece, something smells fishy." ~ 569
"The difference between an educator and a debater is means not ends." ~ 570
"When a books cover causes a passionate review of its unread pages we prove ourselves ignorant." ~ 571
"Justice does not require brutality." ~ 572
"Our perspective implies our limits." ~ 573
"My delusion begins where external transforms to internal." ~ 574
"Tradition places a limit upon the future.~ 575
"When we value freedom over wisdom pain is sure to follow." ~ 576
"When everyone wins, winning can lose its meaning." ~ 577
"Creativity is a merging of what already is." ~ 578
"Even Planck sized bytes never nosh the whole Pi." ~ 579
"Projecting our own intent upon another is a vanity of judgement." ~580
"We rarely choose what we think." ~ 581
"We are each a single sample of the 100,000,000,000 humans that have ever existed." ~ 582
"Knowing the dying is opportunity to cherish joy." ~ 583
"Reality is the pin which eventually pops propaganda bubbles." ~ 584
"Constant chuckling catalyzes contentment." ~ 585
"Self grows from language." ~ 586
"Our awareness of reality is limited to our focus."  ~ 587
"I have met enough old people now to know that wisdom may never find me." ~ 588
"Each moment we recreate the myth of who we were." ~589
"Today is a single datapoint; a mere fraction of the set." ~590
"It is vainglorious to assume we are the pinnacle of evolution." ~ 591
"Are words the DNA of reason?" ~ 592
"Categorizing the other permits us to dehumanize them." ~ 593
"Did Columbus's mother bemoan his lack of attention in her dotage?" ~ 594
"Would an evil genius know intelligence does not require wisdom?" ~ 595
"Unexamined love or hate often leads to misfortune." ~ 596
"Is climbing Maslow's ladder the good life?" ~ 597
"While we fear the unknown, our ignorance of our ignorance holds the greater danger." ~ 598
"Metaphors are as real as space and time." ~ 599
"Fighting ideology with weapons is at best a temporary solution." ~ 600
"Culture on the whole is unexamined historical habit." ~ 601
"We are mostly made of four kinds of atoms; it is the arrangement of them that matter." ~ 602
"Abandoning the foolish to their mistakes limits everyone's future possibility." ~ 603
"Humans are less selfish when they must act in public view." ~ 604
"The good old days are certainly old." ~ 605
"Tragedy is an opportunity to develop compassion." ~ 606
"Emotion precedes thought." ~ 607
"The definition of justice depends first upon the definition of self." ~ 608
"All human religious thought is opinion." ~ 609
"We seem to be in infinitely receding realities; the horizon always remaining beyond our grasp." ~ 610
"The examination of life is where meaning is assigned." ~ 611
"A servant with this clause makes language divine." ~ 612
"I am that pattern which exists here now." ~ 613
"At what point does truth become necessary for art?" ~ 614
"I am that which allows neurons to know of each other." ~ 615
"Exploring is more productive than conflict." ~ 616
"Riots and revolutions do not spontaneously erupt without cause." ~ 617
"It is hard to listen the stranger who hears past our own deafness." ~ 618
"It is easier to be angry than solve the problem." ~ 619
"Peace retreats for one who suffers injustice." ~ 620
"Our blinds spots are more often visible to others." ~ 621
"Empowered fear is a most destructive force." ~ 622
"Does genius require meaning?" ~ 623
"Is the devil in the detail of our doctrinal differences?" ~ 624
"In every direction I look deeply, I find doubt." ~ 625
"Our perception and our reality will differ." ~ 626
"A few bad apples ought not be excuse to throw away the basket unexamined." ~ 627
"Our lives are finite possibilities." ~ 628
"Say what you mean, but do not expect to be right." ~ 629
"At least some of our morality is a construct." ~ 630
"Our dreams are a superset of our reality." ~ 631
"Confessions can create calm conditions." ~ 632
"We are at a minimum local patterns on the surface of the all." ~ 633
"Those who live in a fantasy of our past often expect us to bend our future to their dream." ~ 634
"This is not the aphorism you seek." ~ 635
"The fortunate find marriage sweeter than reproduction." ~ 636
"Belief systems based on the paranormal have a reality problem." ~ 637
"If school does not change our minds, have we learned anything?" ~ 638
"That entropy could give rise to form and function is a wonder." ~ 639
"Words are meaning codified." ~ 640
"From my vantage my bias is confirmed." ~ 641
"In a cosmos of probability certainty forever retreats." ~ 642
"Tools enable shifts in perspective." ~ 643
"Quantifying quality diminishes zen." ~ 644
"Common corruption escapes notice." ~ 645
"Conquering pride is better than pride in conquest." ~ 646
"Belief is created when we put bounds on the infinite." ~ 647
"One must venture in to the unknown to become lost." ~ 648
"Even service can be a vanity." ~ 649
"The world did not stay as I understood it upon leaving adolescence." ~ 650
"A skeptic ought first start with themselves." ~ 651
"Satire often is the propaganda of the powerless." ~ 652
"Success is not in and of itself moral." ~ 653
"Is an unexamined ritual worth performing?" ~ 654
"Pushing the decimal point toward truth should not be confused with finding it." ~ 655
"Is not death the final exam worth 100% of our grade?" ~ 656
"Every generation claims the vanity of 'the end is nigh'." ~ 657
"Ought lazy mind's comforts rule us?" ~ 658
"The cosmos has become a puzzle box for itself." ~ 659
"Fatherhood is more about helping learn from mistakes than preventing them." ~ 660
"Have philosophers become the clergy of the enlightenment?" ~ 661
"Rationalization is often impenetrable." ~ 662
"When mammon rules do we not all become slaves?" ~ 663
"Gloating is not among the better angels of our nature." ~ 664
"Perhaps we are not so as important as we might think or desire?" ~ 665
"Unattended emotion unleashes the beast within us all." ~ 666
"She was to the manners born and welcomed all the days of her life." ~ 667
"Words have unique meaning in each usage." ~ 668
"In our separateness we remain incomplete." ~ 669
"An obligor's rigor and vigor should not determine belief." ~ 670
"Between mirrors of past and future my mind stands." ~ 671
"Are not grace and humility interdependent?" ~ 672
"Exclusion is a form of judgement." ~ 673
"In the moment of toe stubbing, agony hinders the analysis of a new furniture layout." ~ 674
"Do protestors who ride in the front of the bus have a moral authority over those that block the bus moving forward?" ~ 675
"Is it good that I can nag myself better than any else?" ~ 676
"Worry about the improbable is easier than accessing risk." ~ 677
"Each of us have some opinions at the fringe of our society's beliefs." ~ 678
"A mule and his funny are soon parted." ~ 679
"Awakening is a plateau of acceptance." ~ 680
"Dense sensing opens complex contemplations." ~ 681
"Tolerance allows no definitions, while intolerance demands it absolute." ~ 682
"We more often speak from our identity than from truth." ~ 683
"I am most content when the moment is art." ~ 684
"We place every object we desire and can grasp into our realm." ~ 685
"Law is common while faith is and may ever be diverse." ~ 686
"Would that we could know certain death was not an infinity." ~ 687
"My speech, as my bowels, is best when neither too hard nor too soft." ~ 688
"Am I predetermined to be on the mindfulness path?" ~ 689
"Leisure time opened mind to create its sensory environment." ~ 690
"Dogma closes openness to novelty." ~ 691
"Empathy begins to fail at the boundary of our experience." ~ 692
"Law is a limit on liberty." ~ 693
"Who among us dare claim perfection?" ~ 694
"The duration of our existence places a limit on how much we can learn." ~ 695
"All advertising is myth making in pursuit of power." ~ 696
"By technology our species has come to a moment of great potential and greater danger." ~ 697
"Our scale is so large we are unable to easily see that each place has a unique time." ~ 698
"Memory is required to move from awareness to consciousness." ~ 699
"<insert personal bias here as truth/>" ~ 700
"Accipit amator sapientiae maledictionem; The lover of wisdom accepts its curse. " ~ 701
A recipit amans sapientiæ ejus execratione maledicta congessit.
"Is my being more than the momentum of my moment?" ~ 702
"The cost of inaction is often higher than the price of virtue. " ~ 703
"I can not shake the desire to live long enough to discover all the ways to pray." ~ 704
"When I must choose between truth and love I define my character." ~ 705
"Knowing is a feeling I get when I stop seeking truth." ~ 706
"I tend to follow the chain of causes until reaching my bias." ~ 707
"The past whispers ever softly, while the future is mute." ~ 708
"Does the Golden Rule end when I am afraid?" ~ 709
"Entropy is trendy." ~ 710
"We sell our moments to another and call it progress." ~ 711
"Inherited giggletude provides competitive advantage toward contentment." ~ 712
"Never trust an unstained cookbook." ~ 713
"Habits tend to ignore novelty." ~ 714
"Am I born indebted to my species?" ~ 715
"My foe's plans hurts me less often than my own mistakes." ~ 716
"Allowing my friends to edit me, honors them, and improves us both." ~ 717
"War knows no law, while peace demands it." ~ 718
"Everyone occasionally suffers from undue clarity." ~ 719
"The beauty of a moment can not be captured." ~ 720
"With every day I better my record on existence." ~ 721
"Belief prefers consistency in value." ~ 722
"Love requires allies to prevail." ~ 723
"After a long search for meaning, I now co-exist with absurdity." ~ 724
"Philosophy and religion can be excuses for not dealing with the here and now." ~ 725
"Emotion trumps reason when unused." ~ 726
"My legend grows when I proclaim the power of mine enemy." ~ 727
"Options are usually more successful than plans." ~ 728
"Democracy enables us to gang up on the weird kid." ~ 729
"Self righteous indignation is easier than empathy but rarely as useful." ~ 730
"In a finite lifespan, how closely shall we examine ourselves?" ~ 731
"Allowing ideology to overwhelm familial love is at our descendents peril." ~ 732
"Parenting demands selfless devotion thus fertilizing love." ~ 733
"When should I sacrifice the now for the future?" ~ 734
"Wisdom is a fertilizer than can only be spread so thick." ~ 735
"I remain unable to resolve my thinking from others forbearance." ~ 736
"Both the insane and the successful stand up after every blow to the head." ~ 737
"When I do not strive to be kind, I am more apt to be mean." ~ 738
"Science illiteracy is an unaffordable luxury." ~ 739
"Trust remains mostly unmeasured by money." ~ 740
"Every moment has beauty unapprehended." ~ 741
"Where we choose to place our awareness matters." ~ 742
"Anger prevents the courage required for self change." ~ 743
"Authentic being is at least in part a self construct." ~ 744
"On what scale does mind exist?" ~ 745
"Be wary the merchants of fear." ~ 746
"A relativist claims opinion as arbitrator of truth." ~ 747
"If all our holy books were only one page long, how different could they be?"  ~ 748
"We honor those who serve when hearing them." ~ 749
"Only if infinity is real are all things possible." ~ 750
"The closer I look, the farther free will recedes." ~ 751
"I am imperfect but may be wrong about that." ~ 752
"I made a tool then it remade me." ~ 753
"A fool and his ideology are not soon parted." ~ 754
"Forgiveness takes more courage than revenge." ~ 755
"A variety of experience enables doubt." ~ 756
"Letting go is required to grow." ~ 757
"Categorically my thoughts are a means to truth's end." ~ 758
"Virtual reality is simply another layer of metaphor." ~ 759
"Obedience is also a virtue of the slave mind." ~ 760
"Every direction is in itself a leap of faith." ~ 761
"Shall we compromise our dogmas or come to blows?" ~ 762
"Revenge is license to visit crime upon the criminal." ~ 763
"Cults of violence come to no good end." ~ 764
"Life and death commence being at the same time." ~ 765
"This moment can only dream of another." ~ 766
"How closely shall I follow any path?" ~ 767
"Where is the line between symbol and idol?" ~ 768
"A process is the shape of being in time." ~ 769
"If there be one demon among them, shall we kill them all?" ~ 770
"I am principally less than my context." ~ 771
"I manage my motion at right angles to my experience of it." ~ 772
"Waiting for heaven is no excuse for not replicating some part of it here." ~ 773
"Oppression is a profitable market." ~ 774
"One confuses kindness with weakness at their own peril." ~ 775
"Should I listen to fools for their occasional truth?" ~ 776
"A lack of self examination permits a self esteem larger than warranted." ~ 777
"We are also ripples in the fabric of space." ~ 778
"Eventually we will find our planet's limits." ~ 779
"The comforts of ritual came late to me." ~ 780
"Our thoughts themselves are at best ocassionally chosen." ~ 781
"The destruction of innocence is not victimless." ~ 782
"Faith does not require joining a human institution." ~ 783
"When I judge the idea and not the person, both are more apt to benefit." ~ 784
"Understanding truth requires exploration of the different." ~ 785
"To an infinite cosmos, the self is as void." ~ 786
"Ideology is an answer looking for a problem." ~ 787
"Naming my emotion tends to diminish its influence." ~ 788
"The sediment of the future reveals itself gradually." ~ 789
"The meta culture of cults is not bound by any ideology." ~ 790
"Oh that I could love the unmet stranger with greater ease." ~ 791
"Not causing injustice is insufficient to the pursuit of justice's effect." ~ 792
"With death certain where in each moment shall I place my mind?" ~ 793
"Certainty is truth's neighbor." ~ 794
"Neither commodity nor service is love." ~ 795
"There is no matter or energy which the self can always identify as its own." ~ 796
"Feeling misunderstood is a tragic excuse for doing nothing." ~ 797
"Ideologues idolize ideal ideas." ~ 798
"Shared context enables the compression of meaning." ~ 799
"We rarely ask if the culture we grew in was good." ~ 800
"Our comprehension of God changes with each generation." ~ 801
"An idealized past only appears better than a feared future." ~ 802
"Meaning rarely and briefly transcends self." ~ 803
"Some cultures are not ready for democracy." ~ 804
"My understanding is bound to my sense's limits." ~ 805
"Innocence is lost whenever evil is fought." ~ 806
"There are many infinities between nothing and something." ~ 807
"For most religion is a blanket to hold while falling into oblivion." ~ 808
"Symbol and memory have entropic limits." ~ 809
"What reservoir is filled by long vacant gazes at nature in the raw?" ~ 810
"The problem with being good in a crisis is having more of them find you." ~ 811
"Does the aphorism that does not change me fail?" ~ 812
"Both absolute freedom and its inverse make for brutal lives." ~ 813
"Witness bearers should start every claim with 'My memory of my memory is...'." ~ 814
"Every party has a share of idiots." ~ 815
"I should avert others suffering before seeking self happiness." ~ 816
"Pretended competence creates space for growth." ~ 817
"Tyranny spawns in ignorance and dies in violence." ~ 818
"I am the vanity of the whirl in the wind." ~ 819
"Safety easily forgets the occasional threat." ~ 820
"Intent and awareness are in a codependent relationship." ~ 821
"News has more value than the products it is used to sell." ~ 822
"Morality is a current." ~ 823
"Defeating Hitler required socialism." ~ 824
"As news is always perspective on truth, we all become gossip mongers." ~ 825
"What matters is a limit upon will." ~ 826
"Dogmata are inconcordant beliefs striving for truth." ~ 827
"A state producing more soldiers than students endangers us all." ~ 828
"To shape a waterfall requires time." ~ 829
"If envy is as sinful as murder, it's prevention too is demanded." ~ 830
"The bully rarely thinks themselves so." ~ 831
"The technology of our adolescence follows us till death." ~ 832
"My disdain enabled my continued ignorance." ~ 833
"How can it be that there are wolves behind every tree?" ~ 834
"What is obvious to one is not necessarily so to another." ~ 835
"The less education we have, the less we tend to value it." ~ 836
"Ideologues place rulers on subjects." ~ 837
"Most fears are about the irrational and uncommon." ~ 838
"As hate is decisive to a cycle of violence, love is decisive to a cycle of peace." ~ 839
"No one book has content sufficient to prosper." ~ 840
"Shall I ever be content with my own content?" ~ 841
"When I'm greedy my generosity fails me." ~ 842
"Myths are the harmony we sing with our ancestors." ~ 843
"Threatening violence for non compliance uses terror to gain power." ~ 844
"We all occasionally lose the beauty in the moment." ~ 845
"Our minds trend to crystalize on familiar perspectives." ~ 846
"On some scales of time and space, free will does not appear." ~ 847
"We risk suffering when we even mention the taboo." ~ 848
"No process can demonstrate itself." ~ 849
"Is not custom but habit writ large?" ~ 850
"Even grace can be immoderate." ~ 851
"Fiction is when we acknowledge the delusion." ~ 852
"I am an iteration on almost every scale I am aware." ~ 853
"Liberty permits fools, but is not license to be cruel." ~ 854
"Shall we trust a moral philosopher who is not also a parent?" ~ 855
"There are many ahead of you seeking almost every dream." ~ 856
"Feminism should mean more than 'don't be a dick'." ~ 857
"The more effecient at promoting disorder a system is, the more apt it is to persist and expand." ~ 858
"Is it tragedy or comedy that most atoms will never be part of life?" ~ 859
"An authentic life quests to find the possibility boundary." ~ 860
"Unaware emotions spread as a virus." ~ 861
"I quandary to quantify the quality of quotes beyond quantity." ~ 862
"The vicious circles of imagination have no exit point but death." ~ 863
"The transition from hardass to lardass has taken many calories." ~ 864
"The eye can not see itself, only a pale, mirrored reflection of its past." ~ 865
"How often are we villain in someone else's narrative?" ~ 866
"The intentional channelling of emotion seperates us from other animals." ~ 867
"Belief among many is stronger than the sum of its parts." ~ 868
"When I'm on a road to know where, there will still be flowers." ~ 869
"I am humbled to have even this moment." ~ 870
"Kindness promotes content unions." ~ 871
"Listen until the subject's last word with love in your ear." ~ 872
"We will have no morality to speak of without the survival of our species." ~ 873
"May the inertia of my belief remain challenged." ~ 874
"If you do not choose a vanity, one will be thrust upon you." ~ 875
"I am composed of a hundred trillion life forms and amongst even more stars." ~ 876
"Only in old age have I become near half the parent my children needed." ~ 877
"Be it dirt or decisions, there is only so much I can shovel in a day." ~ 878
"The walls of our reality bubbles are mostly mirrors." ~ 879
"When markets rule the unfit are condemned to lives of suffering." ~ 880
"Disruption is a tool for those who perceive to owe others
 nothing." ~ 881
"Desire is the is that seeks the ought." ~ 882
"Giving myself away engenders more joy than the alternative." ~ 883
"Focus requires ignoring." ~ 884
"I would refuse an eternity as I am." ~ 885
"War almost always starts short and ends long." ~ 886
"Meaning's manifestation morphs both." ~ 887
"I fear human brains far more than any metal tube with powder." ~ 888
"Inaction is often the most competent act." ~ 889
"Who among us would demand freedom only for those they agree with?" ~ 890
"We kill our enemies until they become human to us again." ~ 891
"I too suffer from the vanity of claiming my sins lesser." ~ 892
"We have not forgotten how to train slave minds, only our labels have changed." ~ 893
"Carpe diem? No. In die me." ~ "Sieze the day?  No.  The day seized me." ~ 894
"We are what we listen to." ~ 895
"We all even measure the quality of quality differently." ~ 896
"Demagogues arise when the business of states is micromanaged by pundits." ~ 897
"We are in every respect an iteration of previous form." ~ 898
"If it is all vanity then what is time to be but wasted?" ~ 899
"Awareness appears to be derived from tensor sensors." ~ 900
"Symbols enable my mind to exist where my body can never be." ~ 901
"Did the man who rolled the world's largest ball of twine die more content than I? ~ 902
"Where is the line where my interest has more meaning than the states?" ~ 903
"We mostly pretend will for success and blame fate for failure." ~ 904
"Our boot straps and shirt sleeves only go so high." ~ 905
"In full bloom every flower thinks it's a perennial." ~ 906
"All antiheroes are cloaked in myth." ~ 907
"Our bigotry is revealed in its blindness to the suffering of the other." ~ 908
"We fail our own morality too often at the border of empathy and sympathy." ~ 909
"Knowing no other, we are all pleased with our own senses." ~ 910
"I should make no claim to the commonality of the lesson here learned." ~ 911
"Comment before coffee breaks contentment." ~ 912
"On our little lifeboat amongst the uncaring waves shall we eye each other as meat or combine our efforts to fish?" ~ 913
"Relying only on self for responsiblity ends up being moral masturbation." ~ 914
"Math is another way to compress information." ~ 915
"If you are not prepared to kill them all, at somepoint peace must be made." ~ 916
"Fear is a stone on evil's path, tread not there." ~ 917
"Science asks our senses what is, thereby avoiding the unknowable." ~ 918
"As I expend my energy, I begin to matter." ~ 919
"Knowing no other, vanity thinks its culture and heritage superior." ~ 920
"Being the best me I can be is never the best being that is." ~ 921
"Democracy finds the average at best and the lowest common denominator at worst." ~ 922
"The fear of death and the desire for property are more often proportional in us." ~ 923
"The familiar is simultaneously my comfort and blindness." ~ 924
"Meaning is found in the moment and lost just as quickly." ~ 925
"All our leaders have become spinning cartoon balloons." ~ 926
"Unchosen bias exists unaware." ~ 927
"Novelty keeps the abyss at bay." ~ 928
"Unregulated capitalism slowly corrupts us all." ~ 929
"Working smart and  hard is insufficient to gain wealth." ~ 930
"Service is a privledge earned, not a right granted." ~ 931
"Although the way is new to me, a path looks well worn." ~ 932
"Love undone is mere feelings." ~ 933
"Ideology cannot fail; it can only be failed." ~ 934
"Both planet and species have more meaning than you." ~ 935
"Being calm is all about the e-motion in your head." ~ 936
"Manners are a cultural bond bound upon self will." ~ 937
"Occam's razor cuts truth to size." ~ 938
"The odds are that all fame is a distraction." ~ 939
"Would that no one could profit from hate." ~ 940
"Aesthetics is a category which is likely to blind as enlighten." ~ 941
"Accountability contains censorship." ~ 942
"If we are lucky we slowly fade away every day." ~ 943
"Shared useful compromise is always possible and ever preferable to war." ~ 944
"The blind love of others form the walls of my contently perceived dwelling." ~ 945
"Teammates help each other become better so others may fail." ~ 946
"Did God have the qualia of dying but once?" ~ 947
"Knowing no other way, one clings to love." ~ 948
"Manifesting myths moreoft makes mahem." ~ 949
"Oh to be for only a moment on all scales at once, from cell to person, through planet and cosmos." ~ 950
"Follow your dreams if you are able, lucky, moral, opportune, and timely; otherwise repeat." ~ 951
"Our categories are our caves." ~ 952
"I am unable to care about everyone when I empathize with someone." ~ 953
"Religion reveals commoditizing wisdom has utility." ~ 954
"Victors illuminated declare they are the light." ~ 955
"The physical precedes the fiscal." ~ 956
"Assuming the worst in others allows me to ignore the golden rule." ~ 957  <-- Fan Favorite
"The only place where I can make change happen is now." ~ 958
"The profane erupts when I ignore the sacred." ~ 959
"I built upon an entropic mountain of cards, each limiting my options to escape chaotic collapse." ~ 960
"Battles are  ultimately won in the mind field." ~ 961
"Once I become a stranger in any land I am visitor to all lands." ~ 962
"Truth for one is never truth for all." ~ 963
"Of the two trillion thoughts we have in a life time few are unique." ~ 964
"It has become apostasy to criticize the wholly profits." ~ 965
"Most humans alive during wars did not participate." ~ 966
"Unless I invented the words and the way they are thought, I am not free." ~ 967
"Claiming being beyond the herenow is illocated pretense." ~ 968
"Belief based on desire is blind to evidence." ~ 969
"Teachers are learning's reverse engineers." ~ 970
"Externalizing thought reduces our memories." ~ 971
"Humility in failure heals me." ~ 972
"Children sweat as poor parents rarely learn wealth accumulation." ~ 973
"Tis better to be lazy in knowledge than to expend effort in ignorance." ~ 974
"Kindness cost little, while meanness can cost all." ~ 975
"There is no market for wisdom." ~ 976
"The love from a child is more fakery than the love of a grandparent." ~ 977
"Extremism in the defense of liberty destroys that which it attempts to protect." ~ 978
"I too easily take for granted what is locally common." ~ 979
"Beating the crap out of my own assumptions is still a violent vanity." ~ 980
"I can never know the full results of my own cause." ~ 981
"On occasion ritual and custom need violation." ~ 982
"There but for humility walk I." ~ 983
"If you are never unsure you are doing it wrong." ~ 984
"The hateful heart can not see itself much less another." ~ 985
"An avalanche that thinks it is the mountain falls twice." ~ 986
"The unperceived will of the other is more oft our fate." ~ 987
"Who does not engage love court's hate." ~ 988
"I was taught that to put others needs before my own is love." ~ 989
"Sparkle vainly into the void." ~ 990
"Making habit of de golden rule ain't easy or we'd all be do'in it." ~ 991
"Pursuit of fortune only delivered me into servitude." ~ 992
"If I am wrong on the existential question, then I hope you are right." ~ 993
"In as much that civilization enabled my existence, I am born with a debt to it." ~ 994
"I desire that truth eventually wins out over loyalty." ~ 995
"How does one steal a thought?" ~ 996
"Mind the gap between desire and truth." ~ 997
"Loving my neighbor as myself is not socialism." ~ 998
"Masking fault is easier than mending it." ~ 999
"The best use of breath I have ever found is to love another." ~ 1000
"Rationalizing hatred dehumanizes ourselves first." ~ 1001
"Defining myself by what I am not excludes possibility." ~ 1002
"Vengeance only continues the cycle of suffering." ~ 1003
"Each of us have a similar amount of brain mass born uniquely distributed, focused by experience." ~ 1004
"Very few brides or grooms understand what 'for better or worse' really means when they proclaim it." ~ 1005
"I reject your vanity and insert my own." ~ 1006
"Suffering grows well upon the dung heap of a junk food mind." ~ 1007
"All mental states suffer from the locality of truth." ~ 1008
"Market and ideological bubbles pop freedom." ~ 1009
"Gravity is a bubble's arch enemy." ~ 1010
"Overthinking is probabilistically better than underthinking." ~ 1011
"One can not catch the infinite by counting." ~ 1012
"I am that which was to me but is to you." ~ 1013
"There is little proof that starvation will fix lazy or stupid." ~ 1014
"A good marriage pulls like a matched set of oxen." ~ 1015
"Of seven billion people only one of us can be number one." ~ 1016
"Cults are born when liars or fools proclaim to know the infinite will." ~ 1017
"I love the search for truth more than truth itself as I love the game I play more than its victory." ~ 1018
"Either our finest hour is past or yet unborn. Me? I prefer the later." ~ 1019
"'Tis better to give away love than sell it for chump change." ~ 1020
"The QWERTY keyboard is a prime example of how capitalism doesn't necessarily provide the better solution." ~ 1021
"Quarter notes are the heart beat of life, while all the other tones but fleeting thought." ~ 1022
"Truths given early are seldom abandoned as identity overrules experience." ~ 1023
"Most of us are lucky to be good at something, much less love it too." ~ 1024
"Oh my many loves that we once stepped in parallel is enough." ~ 1025
"Rarely does good will grow from electoral fertilizer." ~ 1026
"Excellence is not necessarily a property of power or wealth." ~ 1027
"Are the alms I'm a given or the arms I'm a gettin lead'n us to Armageddon?" ~ 1028
"The rich can do much more damage than the poor." ~ 1029
"Is there any plateau of knowing which is sufficient?" ~ 1030
"Freedom and happiness are meaningless in the infinity of death." ~ 1031
"The educated who do not serve waste some part of society's investment in them." ~ 1032
"Even assholes achieve their own certain kind of excellence." ~ 1033
"The zeitgeist is a real but intangible." ~ 1034
"The beauty of asymmetry is that without it we could not exist." ~ 1035
"Capitalism is when others tell you what your value is." ~ 1036
"Is it right that we would save souls and not bodies?" ~ 1037
"Gradually children come to know the influence their parents had upon them." ~ 1038
"Thought hobbies cost nothing but breath." ~ 1039
"That I eased some token of suffering is better than the alternative." ~ 1040
"We all have built in obsolescence, our telomeres are terminal." ~ 1041
"The darkness does less evil than my fear of it." ~ 1042
"I can barely grasp at my own context, much less yours." ~ 1043
"We all suffer from the limitations of our expertise." ~ 1044
"No matter how loud we yell, the vapor of our breath evaporates soon after death." ~ 1045
"Spanking fails when vengeance prevails." ~ 1046
"More time is spent reading good writing than scribing it." ~ 1047
"The academy has mostly forgotten to teach how to live a good life." ~ 1048
"Hating the other is a poor way to improve self esteem." ~ 1049
"Should one wish for blinders upon their soul?" ~ 1050
"How can the children of a lesser god think themselves greater?" ~ 1051
"People who buy homes have few unmet needs." ~ 1052
"Some experiences are so bad only perhaps death will free us from them." ~ 1053
"I rather be foolish than cruel." ~ 1054
"It is good to have friends smarter than I." ~ 1055
"The supposed invulnerability of our youth often blinds us to others frailty." ~ 1056
"Fear rationalizes killing the innocent." ~ 1057
"At a minimum I forgive because it heals me." ~ 1058
"A pruned tree of knowledge knows it's shape." ~ 1059
"In the symphony of the cosmos we here are less than a single note." ~ 1060
"Shopping for clothes is easier and less important than shopping for ideas." ~ 1061
"From the depth water rose, emergent sea; now we face our global doom, emergency." ~ 1062
"He rose a gape t'feel ya. Eros agape & philia" ~ 1063
"Do cycles of violence have a first cause?" ~ 1064
"Seeing only faults, I have closed my mind." ~ 1065
"War enables surgical wisdom." ~ 1066
"In reality it is the living who feast upon the dead." ~ 1067
"Getting no satisfaction prompts learning and growth." ~ 1068
"We are not taught what the teacher doesn't know but we can learn it for our own." ~ 1069
"It is not the idea we fear but how it is used." ~ 1070
"I'm a'museing a'using amusing." ~ 1071
"To have a conviction and live by it is harder than overthrowing anothers." ~ 1072
"Why are we surprised when Machiavelli's children gain power?" ~ 1073
"Getting by bumpy patches is only partially a taught skill." ~ 1074
"Speaking in the context of another's myth allows them to finally hear you." ~ 1075
"Politics is where we argue ideals that none of us can live up to." ~ 1076
"Topologically we are all wholly holy holey." ~ 1077
"Oh sweet agony, you shared dark muse, when will it be my turn again?" ~ 1078
"The lord's sword hangs over our neck demanding submission or forever pain." ~ 1079
"It is as hard to give constructive criticism as it is to take." ~ 1080
"A winning gloater's future judgement should not be trusted and a whining loser's future is less dark than it appears." ~ 1081
"The single sentence without gravitas will not stand alone." ~ 1082
"Memories, like an old lovers kiss, never tasting as sweet as we imagines." ~ 1083
"Truth is held at the local but ascribed to the general." ~ 1084
"Holding on to the past inevitably fails." ~ 1085
"On some occasions I try to avoid pain while in others I must master it." ~ 1086
"Sometimes the muse hits me a bong, but most times she's off trippin with her friends." ~ 1087
"That I exist even in just this moment I find sufficient for love, beauty, and truth." ~ 1088
"The sleepless can do more chores but accomplish less." ~ 1089
"The total sensory experience through a lifetime varies greatly for each of us." ~ 1090
"Awe allows us to face the abyss." ~ 1091
"From the lilly pad I croak 'breath is awesome'." ~ 1092
"Objectification of the other is necessary to enable soldiers to murder." ~ 1093
"Prisons also have high walls at their borders." ~ 1094
"Words are categorizations of states of being." ~ 1095
"From the market's viewpoint we are each one of seven billion replaceable, expendable parts." ~ 1096
"Most probably, the void is staring back at us." ~ 1097
"Confirmation bias requires constant attention to transcend." ~ 1098
"Who amongst us is the aphid and who the ant?" ~ 1099
"I can take credit for neither the hurricane or knowing of its arrival." ~ 1100
"Memories are awareness's banked accounts." ~ 1101
"The set of lie's we believe sets us a part." ~ 1102
"Should I risk all or is a bad compromise better than no compromise." ~ 1103
"Better to waste on charity than that others die because I did not help." ~ 1104
"My cause a belly is too much food while my cause a Bel'y is too much love." ~ 1105
"If someone found a way to minimize the wars, could they ever even tell us?" ~ 1106
"I am stunned by how many crabby old men my wealthy generation has created." ~ 1107
"The 'have and to hold' bit follows the 'honor and respect' part." ~ 1108
"A good life cannot simply be willed into existence." ~ 1109
"Alliteration illustrates mean meaning" ~ 1110
"Desire is a trickily pulled booger, but fate's that glue keeping it stuck to your finger." ~ 1111
"Death may well be the end of questioning my beliefs." ~ 1112
"I am so thankful that faking it can often develop into competence." ~ 1113
"Belief is of the surface of things, never the thing itself." ~ 1114
"Awe can happen when my self absorption is interrupted." ~ 1115
"We learn to speak aloud before we learn to speak in our heads." ~ 1116
"We each can think no more than 100 billion words in a lifetime." ~ 1117
"About half the time when someone says 'you are wrong' what they really mean is 'I don't understand'." ~ 1118
"Learning will only amplify that signal which you already are." ~ 1119
"Vainglory encourages ignorant opinion to be shouted." ~ 1120
"A day without art is lesser." ~ 1121
"To claim a soul is not needed to acclaim compassion." ~ 1122
"Work that allows me to mind my own mind does." ~ 1123
"With death and taxes certain, declaring war on taxes is futile until death is vanquished." ~ 1124
"A job is when you sell your self into someone else's dream." ~ 1125
"Because I did not lock my house does not mean I deserve to have my things stolen." ~ 1126
"If you could build a million consciousness's, should you?" ~ 1127
"The Hindu seeks continuity, the Muslim community, the Buddhist contentment, and the Christian simply strives." ~ 1128
"Language is bigger on the inside." ~ 1129
"On our journey we dare not stray too far from the path as to not lose one another." ~ 1130
"We are more or less what we think we are." ~ 1131
"There a scaling limit to where we might not ever play at being gods." ~ 1132
"Love is also a practical, public, muscular, masculine thing." ~ 1133
"Prior to radio, time was delivered like mail." ~ 1134
"Revolution is that nasty brutish business whereby we remake our myths." ~ 1135
"Judging another seems to start with false assumptions about myself." ~ 1136
"Debt is the shackle of modern slavery." ~ 1137
"If all the possible patterns do not exist, we are all the more special." ~ 1138
"The wealth I seek has no currency." ~ 1139
"Belief allows the unverifiable to become our truth." ~ 1140
"The rational can be infinite too." ~ 1141
"Fatigue reduces control of both emotions and decisions." ~ 1142
"A lack of manners is only a virtue in crisis." ~ 1143
"Medicine is replacing the body one part at a time." ~ 1144
"I have become the tool of my own process." ~ 1145
"Kindness requires practice letting go." ~ 1146
"Is maximizing the amount of life in the universe morally good?" ~ 1147
"Almost everyone pretends they know and too often ridicule those that don't." ~ 1148
"Without labor nothing is made." ~ 1149
"Rural, village, town, or city, the percentage of jerks seems consistent; in the city concentration makes them more visible." ~ 1150
"Live each day as if you had to repeat it over and over and infinitely again." ~ 1151
"We are all a least a little stupid too." ~ 1152
"A victory won in hatred is no victory at all." ~ 1153
"What does it say of my generation that churches have become emotional fitness clubs?" ~ 1154
"Objective reality does not care about politics, parties, or pet peeves." ~ 1155
"Expanding our horizons does not necessarily expand our options." ~ 1156
"Not all ideas that take up space are worthy of it." ~ 1157
"If one believes in free markets but not evolution they understand neither." ~ 1158
"The automated training of machines is cheaper than training humans." ~ 1159
"Choice does not exist unaware." ~ 1160
"A sentence pulls on a single strand in the warp and weave of knowledge." ~ 1161
"Where is this will that I will and why do I will it so?" ~ 1162
"People who have stared deeply at death tend to be less concerned with property rights." ~ 1163
"That you are different from me means I might learn from you." ~ 1164
"I stand on love, which makes humility and kindness almost in my grasp." ~ 1165
"Can there be any doubt that greed won the war on Christ's mass long ago?" ~ 1166
"The wise rarely seek publicity therefore are rarely heard." ~ 1167
"Can you deny sex or death and truly live?" ~ 1168
"The front door used to divide our attire and voice, now every keyboard is a public space." ~ 1169
"Conflating a person's beliefs with a person's rights devalues both." ~ 1170
"How high can we stack the cards of humanity before its house collapses?" ~ 1171
"We grind our axes sharp then lose them for others to find." ~ 1172
"Douchebaggery, when viewed from a well marketed angle, can appear quite successful." ~ 1173
"Everyone secretly believes they are not minions too." ~ 1174
"I despise the golden rule because you, my man, are just my tool." ~ 1175
"Our sensory metaphors are always incomplete reflections." ~ 1176
"Public schooling emphasizes cohort over community." ~ 1177
"Desperation often drives me to pick the last option found." ~ 1178
"Politicians lie that we might entrust them." ~ 1179
"Must we be pro and con found at the same time?" ~ 1180
"Revenge is not justice." ~ 1181
"I shall learn this year in order to have a better resolution on truth." ~ 1182
"For nail soup to continue, additional produce and water is required." ~ 1183
"Mystic memory calls to the better angle of my natural perspective." ~ 1184
"I float on the ripples of dead people's thoughts rather than cleaning the ring around my toilet." ~ 1185
"Markets typically make better input than output streams." ~ 1186
"The luckiest old man has little left to offer but wisdom." ~ 1187
"A gun is no substitute for the golden rule." ~ 1188
"Following some dreams brings little happiness nor any success." ~ 1189
"Each of us gives our Self meaning by trying to be one thing or another." ~ 1190
"Is it better to be wickedly smart or holy foolish?" ~ 1191
"Fate more oft forces cooperation than ideology." ~ 1192
"We can no more exist without cause than we can will without meaning." ~ 1193
"Time spent being aware does not lead to better memory." ~ 1194
"What profit of joy does not cost some pain?" ~ 1195
"The fading dreams of old men and the vigourous passions of young ones are usually not very good at making a better union." ~ 1196
"A love of theater is a dramatic parenting tool." ~ 1197
"Liberty and freedom are stories of a house built on a foundation of responsibility." ~ 1198
"Words farm the sensual experience." ~ 1199
"The tree of life is bound by its blooming in the moment of being." ~ 1200
"The direction of the cosmos is not determined by humans, only its experience." ~ 1201
"Terror is a tactic, not an enemy." ~ 1202
"No one among us knows how much learning is too much learning." ~ 1203
"The range of which I can become is far less than I can imagine." ~ 1204
"Great men can at best barely belay their civilization's chase to disorder." ~ 1205
"Too soon we grow a bespoke industrial brain to slave for our leisure." ~ 1206
"War gives us peace by pieces and pieces by peace." ~ 1207
"There is an infinity to explore inside every one." ~ 1208
"The apprentices studying the tiniest of places have revealed Pandora's epic spell book." ~ 1209
"What we used to pay reporters to do, we now must do for ourselves." ~ 1210
"Emotional pain is a great and terrible muse." ~ 1211
"When the waters of myth and reality are muddy shall we dive in head first with our buoy of infallibility?" ~ 1212
"When trash talked mudslinging carries the crowd, someone is going to be ridden out on a rail." ~ 1213
"Its not that I know nothing, its that I don't know what I don't know." ~ 1214
"One can dye their hair, but the grey never goes away." ~ 1215
"No one remembers Caesar's nurse maid, yet without her he would not have been." ~ 1216
"We wallpaper our vanities like a rented bathroom." ~ 1217
"It's the little life in things which makes the big life possible." ~ 1218
"The right to vote requires no knowledge, but a good vote requires wisdom." ~ 1219
"My ability to argue someone else's viewpoint directly relates to my ability to see my own bullshit." ~ 1220
"By default we choose to continue to exist." ~ 1221
"An uncontrolled appetite eats away at my will." ~ 1222
"Permit me the freedom to say, a cracked bell is still worthy of display." ~ 1223
"If you can not advocate like the devil, you will not know his minions voices." ~ 1224
"When the wisest among us get angry we all lean closer to the abyss." ~ 1225
"Conformity is too often the enemy of the authentic." ~ 1226
"The lucky are more apt to proclaim their skill." ~ 1227
"How much different would the world be if Einstein had grown up in a cult?" ~ 1228
"We seem to fear being the first to use the golden ruler." ~ 1229
"The reason we tar and feather the snake oil salesmen is the harm they do to the foolish among us." ~ 1230
"If tomorrow I were to die, what wealth today would I acquire?" ~ 1231
"A penile colony certainly was Harly Quinn's briar patch." ~ 1232
"Unless taught otherwise we easily confuse emotion for reason." ~ 1233
"The older I get the more time I spend unlearning." ~ 1234
"The beauty of ripening also contains the seed of decay." ~ 1235
"Affluent effluent still stinks." ~ 1236
"Being before words was undescribed." ~ 1237
"None of us are the first or ultimate cause." ~ 1238
"I am a meat marionette to sufferings muse." ~ 1239
"Every sleep is death's rehearsal." ~ 1240
"Certainty permits us to stop seeking truth." ~ 1241
"The boxes in the basement and the boxes in my memory share more in common than I care to admit." ~ 1242
"Incompetent amateurs may agree with me, but are still unprofessional and inept." ~ 1243
"At the heart of being human is an overdeveloped sense of significance." ~ 1244
"The self absorbed consume the life of others." ~ 1245
"Our paths both narrow and expand with each choice." ~ 1246
"Beauty unattainable makes the quest for it become all." ~ 1247
"As the blind should not drive cars, the loveless should not have guns." ~ 1248
"Corruption comes to those who look to businessmen for virtue." ~ 1249
"Who is to say if a high velocity life is better than a still stable one?" ~ 1250
"Who is that reaper pruning your memories when you are asleep?" ~ 1251
"I'd rather live upon Walden's Pond than in the Panopticon." ~ 1252
"Pregnancy begins the self obliteration which is motherhood." ~ 1253
"On becoming first aware of the unfamiliar, we almost always get its priority wrong." ~ 1254
"The slow think the fast foolish, while the fast have left them far behind." ~ 1255
"The holder of the lever is too often ignorant of the machine." ~ 1256
"My body is more like an ant hill than a rock." ~ 1257
"In cosmic time we each are the briefest of sparkles." ~ 1258
"I am old enough to remember when electronics were in a gaseous state." ~ 1259
"When you can not tell if your button is being pushed, you are not the whacker but the mole." ~ 1260
"We are stuck at a scale where we apply our energy as if to matter." ~ 1261
"All belief arises from our faith in our sufficient sensory storage." ~ 1262
"We should not easily undo that which we have forgotten why it was done." ~ 1263
"Broken is an opportunity to build something better." ~ 1264
"Some get to be canons, but most are only fodder." ~ 1265
"Staying safe by advancing technology is not a zero sum game." ~ 1266
"The Pharisees also claimed to know God's will." ~ 1267
"An aphorist has but a brief moment to say all or nothing." ~ 1268
"The kindest people I know are survivors of others pain." ~ 1269
"None of us know what the right amount of fear is." ~ 1270
"What joy ever arose from engaging in politics?" ~ 1271
"Gettin' o'er one's bad self taint a snap." ~ 1272
"Each self's identity narrative persists past it's imagining." ~ 1273
"We are unaware of most of our self." ~ 1274
"A rumor is a tumor of the body politic." ~ 1275
"Without a reliance upon the kindness of strangers civil society will fail." ~ 1276
"Until I knew of myself contentment remained illusive." ~ 1277
"Riots are the steam not the fire." ~ 1278
"Even Jesus's farts contained a tad of sulfur." ~ 1279
"My wander lust emerged from serving a boat I could not be aboard." ~ 1280
"Ignoring my commitments lessens me." ~ 1281
"The self reliant see themselves as islands in the storm, but in actuality are buoyed like everyone else." ~ 1282
"Every society places a surface between free speech and manners." ~ 1283
"My ability to communicate my memory is limited by the vocabulary of my age." ~ 1284
"The players of King of the Hill induce their own suffering." ~ 1285
"Tragedy is more apt a show, while comedy can be a tell." ~ 1286
"Unlike all others, some of us still sanction scorning sexual birth defects." ~ 1287
"Truth is shaped more like DNA than diamonds." ~ 1288
"Nature is inclined to abhor my paths." ~ 1289
"The more you hurt a self righteous man, the more determined he will become." ~ 1290
"Labeling another trims the human in them." ~ 1291
"All we know are our beliefs." ~ 1292
"I would gladly lie to ease the dier's suffering." ~ 1293
"Freedom and liberty begin long after conception." ~ 1294
"Innocence opens contentment to the destructive."  ~ 1295
"Our creations are always a mix the existing." ~ 1296
"Art alone neither breaks nor fixes society." ~ 1297
"We allow the fool speech to know them." ~ 1298
"Tell me not youth for my repair rate begs its own end." ~ 1299
"I'm good, but I'm not Adderall good." ~ 1300
"If good is a skill we can teach it, if not we can only be it." ~ 1301
"Does not full forgiveness call for forgetting?" ~ 1302
"Bad quotes are still fertilizer for the mind." ~ 1303
"The naked fuse of fake news may explode us all." ~ 1304
"When we escape into myth, our reality is failing us." ~ 1305
"Societies collapse which live in their pasts." ~ 1306
"The hostile high ground loses more often than the welcoming one." ~ 1307
"It is the punctuation of sanity that disturbs my crazy most." ~ 1308
"Scatological humor smells well to the comic." ~ 1309
"As I know of myself, I feel the quality of being it." ~ 1310
"Joy is also mythic wabi sabi detritus." ~ 1311
"I learn more from giggling old men than angry ones." ~ 1312
"Equine gingivitis is poor excuse for regifting." ~ 1313
"When I love my chores, my children will to." ~ 1314
"Fundamentalism breeds in unchallenged isolation." ~ 1315
"Do only the enslaved and the masters deserve care?" ~ 1316
"Community is entropically more efficient than individualism." ~ 1317
"Nature cares not for our declarations of rights and wrongs." ~ 1318
"The self is a mirror of a trillion cells." ~ 1319
"Wise guys are fools to everyone but themselves." ~ 1320
"I leave behind me a wake I can never see." ~ 1321
"Animals show us what we are without words." ~ 1322
"A kaleidoscope glitters from only a few precious points." ~ 1323
"Idealogues pull the portable hole in behind them." ~ 1324
"What can a parent say who has dropped their child one too many times?" ~ 1325
"We value competition over cooperation then wonder why we dislike each other." ~ 1326
"Being precedes my first split and succeeds my faded bones." ~ 1327
"Addiction overwhelms even the will of the naysayer." ~ 1328
"Societies spin away in a separation by cultural weight." ~ 1329
"Love is never at the end of a straight path." ~ 1330
"I gasp for wisdom when my mouth is on a firehose of information. ~ 1331
"Every morning starts with the gift of unbought breath." ~ 1332
"I desire to own each moment as it becomes frozen in the past." ~ 1333
"Those who have not struggled suffer from living less." ~ 1334
"Stillness is disturbed more oft by necessity than nature." ~ 1335
"Omission is the most common of sins." ~ 1336
"31337 h4x0r 5p34k 3nc0d3d : elite fool speak decoded" ~ 1337
"The male of the genus Homo is direly vulnerable in first rut." ~ 1338
"People who believe they have an advantage are less likely to want to be on a team." ~ 1339
"Long and dense brain inputs leave their mark." ~ 1340
"Without some means in the first place, we are likely to fail at deal making." ~ 1341
"Some kind of peace is always achievable and almost always preferable to war." ~ 1342
"Why not gladly suffer the punishment for our good deeds?" ~ 1343
"Trembling for the terrible ought not tear us apart." ~ 1344
"I too easily suffer the fool who mistakes wealth for wisdom." ~ 1345
"Play chases away a dull day." ~ 1346
"Knowledge of being is a disparate desperate pit." ~ 1347
"Leadership begins when you stand up and do so that others might follow." ~ 1348
"An apex predator must finally cull itself or perish." ~ 1349
"The vanity of purity divides us." ~ 1350
"Human brains exist in a finite phase space." ~ 1351
"In every course I dane to look there more than any book."  ~ 1352
"How much easier could contentment be found, if we grew younger before being aground." ~ 1353
"Occam's razor is simplistic." ~ 1354
"The ship of state will capsize if its crew leans too far port or starboard." ~ 1355
"In deep time it is highly probable a world government will appear." ~ 1356
"Our power is limited to the resource we can will." ~ 1357
"All symbols trade breadth for depth by their very indirection." ~ 1358
"Corporations are predators my friend, for what else could competition breed?" ~ 1359
"The sooner impulse control is taught the more content our children will be." ~ 1360
"Many more will suffer if the foolish remain foolish." ~ 1361
"The default state of history and news is weaponized culture." ~ 1362
"We can only breifly imagine the overthrow of entropy's ultimate rule." ~ 1363
"Peace will not linger where prosperity is unequal." ~ 1364
"If the penis is supremeness, then Eros rules and I am but her tool. " ~ 1365
"My hair, skin, eyes, and bones are showing their age, but my mind seems to think it is the exception." ~ 1366
"The hurrying of a human is inversely proportional to its manners." ~ 1367
"Our ideological dreams allow us to doubt our reality." ~ 1368
"When we treat possibility as probability it is more apt to happen." ~ 1369
"Is my whole apart or a part from my parts?" ~ 1370
"Our Babylonian brother Ahuni drew great joy that his stylus had known the power of Marduk." ~ 1371
"If winning all the time means we are going to cheat, I want no part of it." ~ 1372
"Meta is turtles all the way up." ~ 1373
"Objectivity is a common viewpoint." ~ 1374
"I invest in the children of the have nots so mine will have a better life." ~ 1375
"If you chase your tail slowly and deliberately you will never get dizzy enough to fall down and stop." ~ 1376
"A moral person is not achieved by punishment until compliance." ~ 1377
"Easy solutions often require oversimplification." ~ 1378
"Only by moments do we perceive ourselves separate." ~ 1379
"Warning! Emulating clever people may swell self esteem." ~ 1380
"Competition requires inequality." ~ 1381
"The thing about a smarty-pants is that they are smart and wear the pants." ~ 1382
"Have the words themselves begun to speak?" ~ 1383
"Exposing one's mind risks judgement for betterment." ~ 1384
"All hierarchies have an end." ~ 1385
"The more a thought is thought the harder it is to unthink it." ~ 1386
"An eye-for-an-eye lacks utility, liberty, and justice." ~ 1387
"A child of two tribes assumes both and belongs to neither." ~ 1388
"Generation upon generation of ignorance is not freedom." ~ 1389
"If we are lucky we live long enough to see the world pass us by." ~ 1390
"Ah don kin much ta votin, evera mule fool gits'ta." ~ 1391
"When athletics is valued more than academics war draws near." ~ 1392
"Heritage is a word we use to deny rights to newcomers." ~ 1393
"At each remove details fade until only myth remains." ~ 1394
"Even the finite contains many infinities." ~ 1395
"The greatest trick of bigotry is the denial of its residence in our minds." ~ 1396
"We are all slaves to that which we can not change." ~ 1397
"The power high ground is a moral pit." ~ 1398
"We must abandon our art at the moment of its creation." ~ 1399
"After repeated attempts at being another I realized I can be no other than what I am." ~ 1400
"It is easier to proclaim others foolishness than dare to end my own." ~ 1401
"When the old become anxious, the young lose hope." ~ 1402
"Gravity collapses toward more complexity." ~ 1403
"Schadenfreude is inefficient" ~ 1404
"I'm still not sure if our trump suit is clubs or spades." ~ 1405
"At every where and at all times taxes also fund war." ~ 1406
"We think differently at the end of our explanation than at the beginning of it." ~ 1407
"That I would speak to hurt another betrays my intent." ~ 1408
"For me beauty lies more in the symbol than its expression." ~ 1409
"The silent also use a blather of words as a shield for actual thought." ~ 1410
"Road trips remind us of just how vile, vain, and venal humans can be." ~ 1411
"In denying death, I deny the meaning of now." ~ 1412
"The qualia of our experience is special to us, but ancient in its repetition." ~ 1413
"How can I know if my schooling has failed me before it is too late?" ~ 1414
"The drip of corruption wears on both sand and steel institutions." ~ 1415
"The long, slow telling is the tell the slow long for." ~ 1416
"Mistaking the familiar as superior limits opportunity." ~ 1417
"It is harder to design a ritual than repeat it." ~ 1418
"When you act like big bad Leroy Brown there's a guarantee you're a going down." ~ 1419
"It might be all vanity, but not all vanity is harmless." ~ 1420
"A broken clock twice daily correct in its existence will be right more than me." ~ 1421
"When you disrespect someone you can not learn from them." ~ 1422
"Learning the language I was programmed in escapes me." ~ 1423
"Once all need and desire is met, what should labor do?" ~ 1424
"Eventually we all lose our curiosity, hopefully later than sooner." ~ 1425
"I can kill any and as many as I want as long as I can blame my enemy." ~ 1426
"Only those who think themselves superior would desire anarchy and to the bane of us all some of them are right about it." ~ 1427
"To truly explain ourselves we must first pierce our own reality bubble." ~ 1428
"The oldest myth is mistaking an unknown cause with the divine." ~ 1429
"I am as apt to ignore the squeaky wheel as to grease it." ~ 1430
"In the lens a trillion moments my choices now change ." ~ 1431
"Some people seem to think they can jump in both legs of their pants at once." ~ 1432
"Shouldn't anyone who searches for wisdom look like they haven't found it?" ~ 1433
"Has my experience been sufficient for my moment?" ~ 1434
"Religious liberty must also include the right to be a bigot." ~ 1435
"I knew it, I blew it, don' stew it, jes' do it." ~ 1436
"I am an iterated expression of the original human consciousness." ~ 1437
"Us is greater than me merely by sheer quantity." ~ 1438
"Most crys for wolf are for unseen squirrels." ~ 1439
"Who was Plato's editor? So why must we have them?" ~ 1440
"One foot in the matrix makes tricks easier." ~ 1441
"How can I tell when my suffering is not merely another vanity?" ~ 1442
"The more I place myself first the more I lose sight of the world around me." ~ 1443
"It takes more courage to walk away from a bully than to hit them." ~ 1444
"Corpses are the fertilizer of war." ~ 1445
"Surely we can learn wisdom without more suffering." ~ 1446
"The dead speak only if we listen." ~ 1447
"It's not that love is insufficient, but I that am insufficient in love." ~ 1448
"Winner take all is not the only victory condition." ~ 1449
"I am twain the shaken spear and the wit gin'd stein." ~ 1450
"We build the language of knowledge upon the vocabulary of commerce." ~ 1451
"Those who move many times learn to control their visibility." ~ 1452
"Feeling superior to someone is poor excuse for not acting with love toward them." ~ 1453
"Does not awareness emerge from the comparison of memories?" ~ 1454
"May I never claim persecution rather than admit I am wrong." ~ 1455
"Making war by the rules begs failure." ~ 1456
"Empathy is at the beginning of morality." ~ 1457
"Never quest for now to begin." ~ 1458
"If you never ask the question you'll be really lucky to find the answer." ~ 1459
"What beyond the viewpoint of a moment is aesthetics?" ~ 1460
"Tragedy culls for the strange." ~ 1461
"There is no escape from destruction beyond the emotional horizon of a black soul." ~ 1462
"When people in pain act out, punishment more often harms them than helps." ~ 1463
"Without some control of birth rates any species will consume itself into extinction." ~ 1464
"I think I've made most of the mistakes, but not quite all of them yet." ~ 1465
"When you play one-eyed monte with an Atlantic City slickster, you lose before you even start." ~ 1466
"This ain't my first rodeo, it's just the first time you seen me ride." ~ 1467
"All quests are at windmills, contentment comes from not minding." ~ 1468
"Without words the mind loses meaning." ~ 1469
"If the world was really that simple, it wouldn't take so long to grow up." ~ 1470
"What use are tools which in extending our lives have lead to an explosion of people consuming life itself?" ~ 1471
"Even scumbags can have high self esteem." ~ 1472
"Every moment navigates to Nevermore." ~ 1473
"I know no greater joy than unconditional love." ~ 1474
"If one really thinks the aggressive individual is best, I recommend dividing up all your cells to see which one dominates." ~ 1475
"When I claim my form of happiness is best, I fool no one but myself." ~ 1476
"A variety of viewpoints sees more of the object." ~ 1477
"Tis better to teach self correction than punish the transgress." ~ 1478
"It is not the scum, but the pond that must become aware." ~ 1479
"Even thinking of mimicking another brings me closer to their brain state." ~ 1480
"Oneness starts with limitations." ~ 1481
"Fields of dandelions think roses the weed." ~ 1482
"A tool's taboo is an ought that's taught." ~ 1483
"The rich always have the advantage because that is what the money is for." ~ 1484
"Tragedy is inevitable, my response is not." ~ 1485
"I too was foolish enough to think right was in myself." ~ 1486
"Selective memory is ever so much more pretty than reality." ~ 1487
"Outside me is still me, it's just out of focus." ~ 1488
"If we could live forever, why would we ever get out of bed?" ~ 1489
"Can not the hand of the law be both blind and kind?" ~ 1490
"That of the sacred which is beyond me is not limited by my imagination." ~ 1491
"I am that which floats upon the ripple of causation." ~ 1492
"The quantum tells us sometimes it is not what it is." ~ 1493
"Every moment has ungrasped beauty." ~ 1494
"Neandertals thought themselves sufficient for the good life." ~ 1495
"Those who pretend not to have benefited from the selfless service of others may not deserve it, but will get it anyway." ~ 1496
"Recognizing the virtue in those we do not like is a part of adulting." ~ 1497
"Agape seems easier to achieve through philia than eros." ~ 1498
"The best teachers focus on the need of the student rather than their own." ~ 1499
"Being hurt by another, then discovering how to ruin them, but choosing not to, was cathartic to the pain." ~ 1500
"Mutual obligation tends to be more durable than the alternatives." ~ 1501
"A child's smile can overwhelm many an injury." ~ 1502
"As I remove judgement, space becomes available for charity." ~ 1503
"Blind faith lies on the edge of the abyss." ~ 1504
"Either go deep or wide, there is not time for both." ~ 1505
"None of us knows as much as all of us." ~ 1506
"No amount of money can give a moment to a dead person." ~ 1507
"Wisdom brings not comfort, nor comfort, wisdom." ~ 1508
"People who claim age is a state of mind do not understand arthritis." ~ 1509
"In a cosmos of cause and effect, we may never know beauty directly." ~ 1510
"If I can not see my weakness, I may not know my strengths." ~ 1511
"Efficiency without dignity is brutal on men." ~ 1512
"Time is things getting more complicated until all things blur into one." ~ 1513
"If this is all there is, what have I done with it?" ~ 1514
"Innocence heals, maintain it as long as you can." ~ 1515
"We can say for certain that death is different than life as we know it." ~ 1516
"Fighting our way to contentment is a chronic ailment." ~ 1517
"Cynicism is a suffering romantic`s wall of denial." ~ 1518
"Discernment acted upon is judgement by another name." ~ 1519
"Every tribe needs mission work." ~ 1520
"Channeling fear into care is no easy trick." ~ 1521
"Even the strongest of the world need help sometimes." ~ 1522
"If I do not learn from thinking or copying, then I will learn from suffering." ~ 1523
"Respect for the dead propels us to do well now." ~ 1524
"I fell in love with two old sisters named Trust and Care, then they fell back in love with me." ~ 1525
"Great writing finds the universal in the self." ~ 1526
"Evolution does not find the best, it finds enough." ~ 1527
"Ms. Rand's house burned down because she could not afford to rent my hose." ~ 1528
"Revenge is a boil upon the soul." ~ 1529
"Being right isn't enough, we also have to be kind to be good." ~ 1530
"That receivable left us by the dead is also a payable to the unborn." ~ 1531
"Each meta- is an increment to infinity." ~ 1532
"Not seeing beyond our immediate experience is a failure of imagination." ~ 1533
"Few who live in many cultures learn to hate." ~ 1534
"Knowledge is an unrequited lover." ~ 1535
"As a sculptor sees the statue in the marble, I must see a friend in the stranger." ~ 1536
"Now is one heart beat of three billion of my life." ~ 1537
"Prudent planning can also be the destroyer of joy." ~ 1538
"We all seek glasses which are already on our heads." ~ 1539
"I am that form left behind from dissipated heat." ~ 1540
"Injuries heal faster when out of focus." ~ 1541
"Bores shows their unresolved agony without revealing it directly." ~ 1542
"When a cherry blossom falls to rot I shall not mourn its passing." ~ 1543
"Ockham thought my synonym missed his point." ~ 1544
"Athletes seldom make for good supreme leaders." ~ 1545
"Must a dogged pursuit always chase after puppy love?" ~ 1546
"Testosterone is our bane and glory." ~ 1547
"Confidence gained from experience can appear as arrogance if poorly displayed." ~ 1548
"I met a man who claimed everyone except him was vain  and have not been able to stop laughing since." ~ 1549
"Words are an image of before." ~ 1550
"When was the last time i designed my own habits?" ~ 1551
"An empty shell I am, held together by breath." ~ 1552
"Greater victories come to those who surrender to friends." ~ 1553
"The surgeon who only prays fails." ~ 1554
"Error can do great evil without bad intent." ~ 1555
"'Tis far easier to hate our parents than to be hated by them." ~ 1556

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