Friday, February 22, 2013

Ranking States by Race

When we think of racial issues in the United States, we often focus on certain parts of the country.  This is more about our conditioning than reality.


Most diverse states.
Hawaii has the fewest "Caucaoids" (as a friend calls those of mostly northern European or white origin).  Growing Hispanic populations push the other four states into the top five most diverse list.  All four of them are in the southwest.

Least diverse states

Four out of the five least diverse states are in the north sharing borders with Canada.  Most of the least diverse states are rural with large farming, ranching or wilderness areas.

None of these homogeneous states is from the rebellious southern states, although two (West Virginia and Kentucky) were border states with shifting allegiance during the U.S. Civil War.

Black Heritage

Most self-identified black states

States with the largest percentage of self-identified African or Black heritages are largely on the Confederate side of the U.S. Civil War, with Delaware being the lone stand out.

Self Identified Other
Top 10  other states

Strong concentrations of native people make up the "Other" racial category.  The concentration of indigenous peoples in the Indian Wars led to several of these states falling into this category.

New York, Washington, California, and Hawaii also have large populations of Asian descent.

This data was complied from our latest census.  Below, sorted by density of whites  is the state-by-state rankings.

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