Thursday, January 17, 2013

Beyond the Book

“I read a book, Grandma.” gushed the young boy.

“Good for you, Enoch!” exclaimed Eve “Did the reading bring you joy?”

“Oh yes. I learned about Grandpa and you and more.”

“You had joy and you learned? Now that is a good way to spend some time. What did you learn?”

“Well. I learned about the trees and a serpent and the fruit of the garden and about not being naked any more.”

“You know of being naked?" she frowned, "Where did you find this book?”

“From Grandpa of course.” replied the boy.

“I must speak to Grandpa about what he writes and lets you read. “How do you feel about being naked, child?”

“I do not mind Grandma. I am warm with the clothes daddy made me.”

Enoch watches his grandmother prepare the bread for their next meal a while and then asks “Grandma?”

“Yes my dear?”

Gutenberg's masterpiece
“What was uncle Able like?”

“He had a fat flock,” she sighed, “but let us talk of other things.” After a long moment she continued, “What shall you do after we eat?”

“I do not know. Could I go play?”

“It is not yet time for play child. You must use this day given you wisely and with honor.” she suggested “There are many things you could do.”

Enoch frowned and said softly “Like what Grandma? I do not know what to do. Can I read some more?”

“You have read enough for one day child, you should go explore. Reading the good book is only the beginning of knowledge and the maker.” Eve replied “To learn of all creation is a great joy and honors your maker and grandfather at the same time.  You can read more tomorrow.”

“But what should I explore? Where should I go?” said Enoch confused.

“You have all of heaven and earth to learn, dear boy. You could seek to know every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air, every rock of the land and every wave of the sea. You could plant a garden to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food.” Eve explained.

Puzzled Enoch replied “Just like grandpa does?”

“I am sure that grandpa will help you to learn of all the creation if you ask.” nodded Grandma happily “Grandpa Adam knows the name of every creature and plant, you know.”

“He does?”

“Oh yes, little one he does. He named them all and so knows them well.” she remembered.

“Does he know everything grandma?” the boy wondered aloud.

“I should think not!” chuckled Eve. “It will take more than your whole life and the lives of your children's children's children and beyond to come to understand even a small part of what has been created.”

Turning his head to the ground the child mumbled “Why should I bother. There is too much to know. It will take too long.”

“That is no reason to not learn, boy. To not know would be to turn your back on the maker. To learn is to worship him. You want to worship the maker, yes?”

“Yes grandma.” whispered the boy as he kicked at a stone. After a moment he looked up at her and asked “Can grandpa write a book with all the maker's knowledge in it? Then I could read it and know it all faster!”

“Oh child! Were it so simple. The creation is so vast, its mystery so deep, all created for you to discover and know. Do not take the lazy way and read just one book. Go out and see, think and mediate on all of what is.”

“But what about the book, grandma? Grandpa said it was the most important.”

“He did, did he? If Adam says it is important then it must be. The book helps us to know of the tree of good and evil. It does not tell of the stars in their paths, the working of the earth below us, or the way to make bread. These things you must come to know through your ears and eyes.  You must think upon them to hold them in your mind.  Knowing the work of the maker will make you holy in his sight.”

“Now that is enough talk for now Enoch. Be a good boy and fetch Grandpa to eat, the meal is almost ready and he will be hungry.”

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