Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Self Evident

Happiness's charm
The pursuits to which we all desire,
proclaimed so many years ago.

We need but eat to maintain life.
We need but family to partake happiness.
We need but serve to preserve liberty.
We need but exert to obtain and sustain them.

Life's joy

Sometimes storms give struggle to conserve life.
Sometimes unhappy events require our aid.
Sometimes liberty threatened engages us in conflict.
Often challenges un-required, allow us to be at our ease.

What then labor for money?
We strive in our desire to earn more.
We give that most precious asset time in its pursuit.
Obsessed with wealth's accumulation as if it alone were some great good.

Liberty's ring

We have known moneyed men.
Few have gained happiness
Most forget liberty.
Chunks of lives given to its' collection.

We have limited hours on the face of the planet.
We wish for meaning and value transcending our impermanence.
We build monuments to the future requiring great toil.
Yet in their construction, lose result's sight and are caught in cause.

Family's loved
Work for work's sake is not our object.
Work can bring joy in performance of good.
Work's process will stay the troubled mind.
The result of the labor used by many.

The rewards of life are simple indeed.
Life to be lived as best we can.
Liberty to be embraced as a shared vision.
Happiness coming from within and be given away.

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